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Liveries with a grudge

6 replies

TheQueenOfDiamonds · 29/07/2012 20:25

What's the funniest/oddest reason another livery has fallen out/snubbed you?

A man at my yard has took the funnies with me ever since my (gelding) horse shagged his horse (also a gelding).

I think its hilarious.

OP posts:
AlpinePony · 29/07/2012 21:47

Oh there were histrionics only a few weeks ago when I said a girl's horse was "rude" and bolshy. Eejit horse nearly knocked me off my feet when I was 6 month's pregnant and I'm no lightweight, also barged my husband.

She cried and wailed and wailed and cried and made everyone promise not to help me on turnout/bringing in.

She's 27 and a secondary school teacher.

TheQueenOfDiamonds · 29/07/2012 22:34

Oh dear!

There is a girl who cries a lot at our yard, She cried when YM suggested her horse be turned out with the youngsters and not the older horses because of its attitude and she burst into tears. But she's 13 ffs!

I was also berated by a man in a pub last night, I jokingly said to a friend I won't be having anymore children as I would have to sell my horse if I did and this random man started ranting "I can't believe she's just said that, comparing a CHILD to a HORSE! Some people are obviously maternal and some are not!"

Fucking arse! I wish I'd said "Well, people like you are the reason I prefer horses to humans".

OP posts:
Fennijer · 30/07/2012 12:05

I sent my youngester to a local event rider to back and posted on facebook it was worth every penny. Another owner on the yard who had backed her own youngster immediately removed me as her FB friend - never did explain why??

Amieesmum · 30/07/2012 12:48

pah - I've upset everyone on my yard... dating the farmer who owns the place hasn't gone down well. Oooops!

rogersmellyonthetelly · 04/08/2012 16:34

Well I have fallen out with one girl over wheelbarrow rage. She borrowed my wheelbarrow as doesn't have her own yet. She left it it half full of droppings every day for 3 weeks so I would get there after work to muck out only to find my barrow half full of her horses shit which I had to empty before I could use it. I saw red one day and told her outright that contrary to what she believed, the barrow didn't empty itself, I did it, and it wasn't happening any longer, she needed to get her own. She hasn't spoken to me since.

gallifrey · 07/08/2012 12:15

I had wheelbarrow rage at my old yard, I had my own wheelbarrow that had my name written on it and everything, I didn't mind people using it but started to get a bit pissed off when it was left full up of muck.
I started to muck out then leave it full, and one day someone emptied it out in front of my horses stable door!

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