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Just love it when plans seem to come together...

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roadkillbunny · 20/07/2012 16:18

Okay, it is early days so I am contorted into all sorts of crossed parts while deathly clutching a huge plank of wood BUT a plan that came together in a matter of days seems to be paying off big time!
It is quite complicated, will try and keep it short but still going to be long, sorry!
I (well, for dd but as dd is 7 we know who does the work!) loan a pony from my friend (who I also do allot of work for as I am freelance groom, she gets knock down rates for my work and we pay nothing for the pony), she rather rashly last year bought a 5 year old 10.2hh pony while looking for an old and steady pony, she needed a new companion for her big expensive dressage horse and her dc are 5 and 3 but have no real interest in horses, enjoy the odd sit on but otherwise, very mehh hence we have ended up with pony. Pony is fab, a total doll on the ground, my very small, dd can do anything with him however ridden he is greener then green, been very basically broken and then turned away, friend got him for £50 with bridle and two saddles thrown in, owners wanted shot, they had no one to use him. I have been working with dpony, he is bright, a quick learner but has typical pony naughtiness but have found it hard working with a pony I can't ride (I am not heavy or tall but really, he is a tiny tot!), brought on many a youngster in my past but never one I can't ride, dd riding wise is at the just off the lead learning canter and finer details like diagonals and bend etc so not experienced enough at all for a youngster who needs lots of work. Things also took a hit when I broke my leg badly in Jan and have only been back able to work with pony for the last 6 weeks... so been racking my brains on what to do, had lined up an eleven year old very experienced with youngsters rider to help over the summer but still wasn't happy, our little yard was not able to offer him what he needed and what was fair.
Out of nowhere my friend was offered a 17 year old lead rein/first ridden+ 13hh schoolmaster for free from an acquaintance of her Mother, this pony really needed a home and quick as the family were giving up ponies after a bad experience when they bought the next pony up for the child and went for the fizzy, flashy pony that was too much, child lost all will and confidence and they just want out. Problem was, really couldn't take on another pony for a few reasons however I spoke to another yard I work at, ridding school that only takes working liverys or riding school loans, manager is a good friend of mine.
Long story trying to be shorter is that on Tuesday new pony arrived and on Wednesday I had the experience that I can only describe as sending one of my children off to boarding school as dpony went off to pony boot camp with the hope of making him either a riding school pony or to continue bringing him on to sell as a second pony for someone depending on how things develop. Worse case friend who owns him (officially although have now been told that if we end up selling him any cash for him is mine and he is only gone to the rs because I am there!) will have him back and I will take on all his care but not costs.
I will see dpony tomorrow at rs but his progress reports since we took him over Wednesday night have been amazing, he is really happy, he has found his soul mate (in a pony who attacked any pony that was put with him before), he is loving the busy environment with lots of children to love him and is looking like rather then the 6 months or more we expecting before a client could be put on him he could join the rs in as little as a month.
On the home front (well, not quite my home but very, very close) ew pony has settled in well (especially given he has only ever had two owners in his 17 years!), bonded with his posh field mate and dd rode him for the first time this afternoon, off the lead in walk and trot (would have been fine in canter but not wanting to push things to quick and we have plenty of time to move on, want dd to be really happy, in control and riding nicely before doing more at home) and she just loves him, totally smitten, big smile on her face the whole ride. When dd got off 4yo ds got on, he has only sat on old dd a few times before as not all that interested (not enough to fork out for lessons!) and he loved him to, held his rains correctly and didn't want to get off. He won't be able to 'ride' the new pony as such what with him being bigger then 'old' dp but it's all about confidence at this age and feel new dpony is going to give him bags of it :).
The other big plus point is new dpony is big enough for me to ride (I am only just over 8 stone and pony is 3/4 connie and 1/4 welsh A, can take me easy), not ridden since my fall that broke my leg and although I feel ready I am going to wait until September but still looking forward to being able to join my friend on a ride out occasionally, especially since ds starts school in September and I am going to have more time :)
So yeah, long story just to say YAY, I LOVE it when a plan comes together. Still having worries about 'old' dpony only because who knows what may or may not happen or be possible with him but happy friend and I have come up with a workable plan to have him back home if need be :)

OP posts:
roadkillbunny · 20/07/2012 16:19

ohh God that is so long Blush sorry :(

OP posts:
Mirage2012Olympics · 20/07/2012 16:32

Hurray! It was obviously meant to be.Your 13hh sounds like a nicer version of ours, [who dd2 rode just after she turned 6] and I ride ours too.

roadkillbunny · 21/07/2012 20:59

Thanks, can't wait to ride him myself! Dd had her lesson today and had her first ever fall, didn't see it myself as had been lunging old dd pony (after he yesterday made me feel better about my own skills when he took one of the instructors skiing across the indoor while long lining!!) but I passed by just as dd was getting back on, think the other parents think I am a bit bonkers as my response was 'Fantastic, been waiting for that to happen!'
Old pony gave me the best session he ever has, hope it wasn't a 'look Mum I can be good take me home!', he seems really happy and is enjoying the more active yard, was able to give lots of info to the very capable young rider who is having him as he summer project so all good. This afternoon dd rode new dpony and even better then the first ride, the bond is forming and they are learning each others ways, finished off by taking dd on a little hack round the village, so all in all still smiling! Dpony will have a few days off now as Judo camp first half of next week but that's just why dpony has come to us, he is ready for a change in pace and a shift down from the busy life, may pop down and give him a quick lunge and let ds have a ride Tuesday just to keep his joints active and stop him getting to fresh.
Can feel it is going to be a great summer holiday that's going to fly by, just wish we knew early enough for dd to have got a place at pony club camp, she would have loved it, next year though!

OP posts:
Mirage2012Olympics · 21/07/2012 22:23

I'd ring about camp-ours has been postponed due to ground condition and not everyone can make the new dates.I'm hoping our farrier can sort out our footsore new pony when he comes on Monday,as the last one trimmed her far to short.If he can't we'll have to try and borrow a pony for camp.

Mirage2012Olympics · 21/07/2012 22:25

Meant to say as well,I'm not bothered by falls either-they are bound to happen and become less and less such a big thing the more it happens.Mine just laugh and jump back on now.

I'm glad things are continuing to work out well.

roadkillbunny · 21/07/2012 22:47

Having the first fall just builds up and up in their heads becoming more and more of a big deal until it finally happens and they realise that it is no big thing. Glad dd had her first now and it was in a lesson on a rs pony, she did my proud by having a laugh at herself and getting back up and understood that while it was pony spook to a point her actions also played a part so she has learnt a valuable lesson. I am just glad she now know that not all falls are bad, Me having a fall in January that broke my leg in three places and left me in a wheelchair for three months hadn't helped the whole 'building it up in her head' at least now she has the proof that most falls are no problem, I am just very unlucky (the last fall I had before this break I shattered my ankle on my other leg that ended my professional riding career, that was almost 16 years ago but at just turned 7 she doesn't really get that, she just had the two falls two breaks thing in her head!)
Unfortunately camp this year is a non starter, no places for sure, held at rs school site and put together by good friend, due to having bunk house and indoor weather doesn't stop things and all places are booked out. We are planning on having a mini pony club like day at our yard in the village for pony keen kids in the village who don't have ponies as well as a few that do. going to get out the retired donkey and the Shetland for grooming and set up some pony games in the school that can be done on foot as well as on pony as teams. Should be good fun and nice for those not as lucky as us in having access to a pony all the time. Think dd will get more out of a full week of camp next year when she is bigger, more settled with pony and more experienced as a rider so she can take part in the jumping side as well so for the best really! I do hate being so sensible and grown up sometimes though lol!
Thanks for taking an interest and indulging my excitement :)

OP posts:
Treblesallround · 23/07/2012 16:15

Sounds like your plan has worked out for everyone (including your old pony). You're going to have a fab summer!

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