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Is it really wrong to get another pony?!?

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Amieesmum · 18/07/2012 22:00

sooooo muggins here, bought a "pretty" little welshie, sold from the field for DD in september. Were told pony could not be caught, but they thought someone had probably broken it in/ done something with it at some point. HA! Classic ooooo look at the pretty pony - I'll take it situation ooops!
So we arrived with the trailer & had to herd the poor little mite onto it, as we couldn't get near her (she was terrified)
When DP arrives home it quickly became apparent she has never been handled at all. Took me 2 days of gently coaxing to get a head collar on her. I have since managed to trace her history & she came off the welsh hills in Jan 2011, went to market & was dumped in a field.
After nearly a year of playing with her, patting, brusing, cuddling (feeding) She comes to the call & is fairly friendly to be, not so much kicky bittey although she still has her moments. I've managed to get tack on her, and just about long reined and lunged her, we go for walks every day & finally DD sat on her for the first time ever yesterday after everything has been going well with my test jockey.
HOWEVER! She's still a wild child, the farrier is a nightmare visit, and DD still can't handle her, i don't want to sell her as she's come on in leaps and bounds and i'm convinced she'll make a great pony one day, and frankly the only way i'd get anything for her is as a brood mare as she has some pretty serious blood lines.
I have seen a pony just down the road for sale, who would suit DD down the the gound, we're going for a test ride saturday. Is it a really stupid idea to keep the devil pony as a pet showing project for me & hopefully have it ready to part loan to a unsuspecting child next summer, and but DD a pony she can groom & lead, and ride untill her hearts content?

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Mirage · 18/07/2012 22:12

It's not a stupid idea if you can afford and have the time for two ponies.Our little loan pony who has just gone back will be shown in hand as his owner's children are scared of riding him [my dd2 loved him to pieces though and had no problems with him].

It sounds like you've put a lot of time,patience and work into your pony,it would be a shame to give up now.

Amieesmum · 18/07/2012 22:27

I feel like one of those proud mothers with how far we've come with her. In all honesty she is like a different pony to the one i foolishly bought last year.

We have the time, space & money for a new one, as i'm currently horseless myself, the plan of getting a youngster for myself has gone on hold while i'm sorting out DP, realisticly i have most of the crap stuff new pony will need, as have bought too much for DP (honestly it needs 3 bridles, 8 rugs, and 2 saddles lol i promise!) lol so won't have to buy all of that again (she says, obviously the pony will just have to have new things of it's one lest the Devil pony get jealous and feel left out lmao)

Honestly can't think of any good reasons not to, other than it being a pointless waste of money keeping the devil pony as my pet show pony hahahah.

OP posts:
SaggyGoldOlympicSponsor2012 · 19/07/2012 00:14

If you have a paddock and they live out, two is no more expensive than one. believe me, I have 5, and 2 in the oven
Out of interest, what are her bloodlines?

Booboostoo · 19/07/2012 11:40

If you have time and money for her it seems far more sensible to get another pony which is suitable for your DD to enjoy than to rush this one into a situation that might be dangerous to everyone involved. You can continue enjoying current pony and your DD can have a pony for herself - perfect!

Amieesmum · 19/07/2012 12:45

She's a criccieth Pony - out of Criccieth Arwr & Criccieth melissa (Revel Hey Lady & Maestir odyssey blood lines) so not bad for the £75 i paid for her lol. She's a pretty little girly, and holds herself well when no one is looking so hopefully we'll do ok in the ring.
I think she's gagging to be ridden now and do things tbh, but will not risk putting DD on her properly yet as she's still too fecking bonkers green lol so i have a small adult who gets on her a few times a week. We will get there with her even if it kills me.

I do keep her stabled but Hay & bedding is inclusive in the price, Plenty of spare stables and grazing too, I did have a tb on loan untill march this year which went back to it's owner after our contract finished, so i'm aware of extra work/cost of having an extra one.

OP posts:
Butkin · 19/07/2012 13:02

I'd put your DD first. She needs a pony she can ride and handle safely now. Keep the other pony as a "project" if you like and put experienced older kids on her but you need to find something that your DD will be happy with and can take to shows, pony club or whatever she fancies.

She is more important than a pony which still seems a long way off and you'll be able to find DD a schoolmaster for not much money in the current market.

Amieesmum · 19/07/2012 13:12

We're off to see a pony down the road on saturday, It's up for £500 which i thought was reasonable, 12h, 14yrs, done a bit of everything jobbie. No health issues we know of, the owner is happy to do a trial (at her yard) for a few weeks to see how we get on which i thought was really kind.
The most important thing for us is DD can handle the pony (with supervision) all the usual things little girls like to do with their ponies. DD suffers from ataxia, so something steady on the ground is essential.
She still has a few lessons a week at the rs, and rides friends ponys, but it would be lovely for her to be able to ride with her friends & to go to shows with them rather than have to share all the time.

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