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I've posted elsewhere on MN, but I thought you guys might help find this lost dog.

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50ShadesOfSaggy · 04/07/2012 13:24

She wandered off from a property in Billingbear Lane, Binfield Rg425PL on the 29th June. She is a black and brindle mini Wirehaired Dachshund.
Please tweet, Facebook, spread by word of mouth, post to any other fora you may be on, and keep an eye out when hacking in the area. Thanks.

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quoteunquote · 04/07/2012 14:52

Do you have better pictures? Those are a little dark, it would help if you could see her markings, their wrist watches are usually quite distinctive.

I would if you have any pictures, email them to all the Dachshund clubs and breeders, it's a small community, but you do need to dig out some batter pictures,

Has she been done?

50ShadesOfSaggy · 04/07/2012 20:26

Bridget has now been found. Thanks. Xx

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