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Any lovely BHS members out there not using their free Hickstead ticket and would be willing to pass it my way?

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50ShadesOfSaggy · 26/06/2012 21:23

I know it's cheeky, I have mine, but id like one for DD. it's our annual outing, and things are a bit right this year! id be happy to PayPal over postage costs. X

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Alameda · 28/06/2012 20:37

buy your own you cheeky mare!

(nah, just bumping for you)

50ShadesOfSaggy · 28/06/2012 21:59
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LisaD1 · 28/06/2012 23:16

Hiya, I have BHS gold membership but o idea how to get hicktead ticket? If u want to pm me how to do it you are welcome to my ticket.

50ShadesOfSaggy · 29/06/2012 00:47

Thank you. It's on page 5 of the newest edition of the Bhs magazine. It's due any day. I'll happily PayPal you postage. Smile

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LisaD1 · 29/06/2012 13:15

No problem, I will post it from work and then it wil be free :-)

50ShadesOfSaggy · 29/06/2012 13:21

Thank you very much. Smile I'll pm my address.

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