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Pony with dim recollection!

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Lala1980 · 24/06/2012 17:47

Any advice from wise producers?
Lovely welsh section A gelding.
Got last summer just backed. 4 years old. Only ever been with breeder except for two weeks away to be backed. Breeder and backers both experienced, kind, knowledgeable.
Lovely to do in all respects. Rode on, hacks perfectly, ridden by children.
Didn't think poles would be an issue as perfect in all other respects. Ditched me (v.experienced small adult) at pole on the ground. Slowly slowly catchy monkey worked on poles. Still terrified - poos when he sees them.
Problem now is in a schooling session, he freaks at pole on ground to start with, get him over pole, build up to cross poles, uprights, spreads, combinations. By end of session, he is jumping fine. But he forgets by next time, pole on the ground is terrifying, and we build up again...
How will we ever do a course at a show?! He forgets everything and is scared of poles again despite having jumped decent size courses by the end of last session.
V.frustrating as would make super WHP.

OP posts:
Mirage · 24/06/2012 18:05

We have his twin! Ours is 10 and still hasn't got over his fear of poles.In fact,he wont step over a branch on the ground and if his hoof hits anything he jumps a mile.Just getting him over trotting poles is an achievement,but move the pole elsewhere or add another one and he is back to square one.

We only have him on loan,until we can find a pony that will jump.We have lesson with the Chief Instructor of the local PC and she says that he'll never be a reliable jumper,if he gets over something at home,if it is moved or in new surroundings,ie at a rally or show,he'll refuse or run out.

Your boy sounds far better than ours,we've not managed anything other than trotting poles in the 2 months we've had him.It's a shame because he is perfect in every other way and we love him.Good luck and I hope that you can get him through this.

horseylady · 24/06/2012 19:42

I own a tb who's exactly same!! Currently off jumping as I'm
Expecting but it's what were going to bloody well do after the babies arrived!! I plan on hunting, coming across something and hoping shell pop it!! Also hoping a few months off will do her some good!! We were at the point that shed jump straight off up to about 1m but wouldn't jump away from home! Sorry no idea what to suggest other than if he's ready, he'll do it. A break may help. It loose schooling if you can!

horseylady · 24/06/2012 19:48

To add I'm sure you've already done this, but his tack fits ok? Hrs not been jabbed in the mouth, teeth, back etc all checked.

If all ok, I'd try loose schooling build up his confidence. If he'll do it! Mine won't!

frostyfingers · 24/06/2012 20:20

Can you leave some poles with him in his field - he might realise they're not that scary if he sees them all the time?!

Lala1980 · 25/06/2012 07:30

He's had back tack and teeth checked and is up to date with all preventative meds. I have poles around the water trough in his field. Have nowhere to loose jump but lunge him over poles and fences but he is the same - gets it by end of session, forgotten by next :-(

OP posts:
AllPastYears · 25/06/2012 20:22

Well maybe I'm reckless but I bought a four-year-old for a first horse for myself and my daughter....

I wanted a bombproof 10 year old, oh, and not a grey, so what did I buy but a spooky grey four-year-old Confused.

2 years on and we've had our ups and downs, plus a few falls, but to be honest so have others I know who've bought older horses. There is hardly a horse on our yard without some issue - hard to catch/fizzy in fields/headstrong over jumps/stubborn on hacks, and this includes the 18 year olds as well as the youngsters. I love ours to bits and even at his worst I've never seriously considered selling him. He's made gradual progress - would have been a lot faster I'm sure if we were more experienced - but he's basically moved in the right direction. We found a couple of great instructors and we do have regular lessons, and we're on a yard where there are often more experienced people around who give us advice - often conflicting, however, so sometimes we just have to make our own minds up!

He has improved hugely - and so have we as riders and horsepeople Smile.

AllPastYears · 25/06/2012 20:23

Oops wrong thread!

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