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eek fizzy buckaroo

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Alameda · 23/06/2012 22:58

or: how can I exercise the pony (and have fun) without fizzing him up? Getting more bucks more often, it's not like his lethal ones of old but I'd rather he didn't.

And is it my fault for galloping wherever possible, racing against horse, or is it just increased fitness? Confused

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Mirage · 24/06/2012 16:51

Could be the very fizzy grass too,as well as increased fitness.Ours are pretty lively at the minute and newboy has bucked out of pure excitement when racing against dpony.I've no useful suggestions I'm afraid.

horseylady · 24/06/2012 20:02

If you're having problems stop racing and going fast where possible keep steady with lots of transitions up and down. ESP if you always canter etc in the same place.

Horses can't buck in gallop, it's physically impossible for then. They can only do buck in canter or slower.

MoonlightandRoses · 24/06/2012 20:59

Does he settle after being galloped, or does that just wire him up more?

If he settles, then I'd say go straight for the gallop,let him have fun, and then ask him to do just a few strides more than he wanted (so you're telling him, not the other way round) before easing back to controlled canter / trot.
Alternatively, the boring way is to lunge him for ten minutes before you get on.

If it just fizzes him more, then maybe start slowly up to working trot, with lots of lead changes and long bends to get him focus on what he's doing, rather than where he's going.

If he's used to racing though, and isn't a young 'un, you may have your work cut out! Grin

Alameda · 25/06/2012 15:13

thanks all, I don't mean he bucks when galloping I just wondered if all the galloping around (which does calm in short term) was fizzing him up because he is cantering along with head between knees do

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Alameda · 25/06/2012 15:16


head between knees doing little cheeky bucks, and sort of bunny hops when he sees jumps - bit excited all round

but anyway unfortunately he had an accident yesterday, not 100% sure what happened as I was ahead but it looks like (from the scuff marks on the ground and the mud on h

OP posts:
Alameda · 25/06/2012 15:22


and the mud on him that he fell over, friend was riding him, there was a quite deep hole that have never noticed before (but long grass) but to confuse it further for various reasons the paramedics and the hospital dr think she had a seizure before she hit the ground so who knows, this could have unbalanced him? anyway it was all quite quick but suddenly he was riderless and my friend was unnaturally still on the ground (nothing broken luckily, just knocked out)

so am going to walk him round there tonight, if nothing else I must teach them not to race each other everywhere every time - it was very sobering and I'm glad she is ok but I must stop feeling so invincible and exercise a bit of control

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MoonlightandRoses · 25/06/2012 19:38

Glad him and friend are ok. It's horrible when you see someone lying like that.

He does just sound a bit 'happy' though, rather than anything lunatic but yes, I can see why you want to take a bit of the 'racing pace' out of him.
I had one similar and it took a year of repetitions at a slow pace into fences (for SJ / hunter-trialling though) to calm down the bunny-hop.

Mirage · 25/06/2012 20:21

Oh dear,your poor friend.Is she ok now? How lucky that you were with her and able to call the ambulance.Best wishes to all of you.

SaggyISTheNewMrsDeppSoThere · 25/06/2012 23:07

CRIKEY! I hope everyone is ok.
First of all, is he barefoot? Wink Grin
Secondly, and more seriously, what are you feeding him? You could try cutting out his hard feed for a while, then re introducing one thing at a time until he goes daft again, then you'll know what to cut out. We've had ponies who go totally dappy on plain grass nuts, and the warmblood goes very strange on cheap molassed chaff!

Treblesallround · 26/06/2012 09:48

I think you need to slow everything down and concentrate on schooling, no fast work, and maybe a magnesium based calmer? Hope your friend is recovering well and pony's ok.

Alameda · 26/06/2012 13:51

thanks everyone! Saggy you know he is barefoot! I don't feed him, he's fat as anything on grass alone

I've made them both (they are as bad as each other really but one doesn't worry me in the least while this one has History) WALK all the gallopy bits and what a bizarre feeling, the tightly coiled springs, just sitting on all that power and having control of it? Will do this often but it kills, not going when you and they want to! But worth it, that was very scary.

OP posts:
50ShadesOfSaggy · 26/06/2012 21:08

I know! I was just messing with you! Grin

Alameda · 26/06/2012 21:17

you're such a scamp!

I had to let off steam after being so good yesterday and Oh My Word it was nice, we jumped a clump of grass and were airborne for an impossible length of time before hitting the ground and jolting into full pelt gallop which was bliss, what can compare?

but tomorrow will do Being Good again

OP posts:
50ShadesOfSaggy · 26/06/2012 21:27

You mad bugger! Grin

Alameda · 26/06/2012 22:15

Wink when are you coming to PLAY?

OP posts:
Alameda · 26/06/2012 22:28

although having said that (back in the distant past, upthread a bit) they can do something in gallop that is a bit like a buck I think - rodeo boy does a sort of twisty thing (DID a sort of twisty thing) while galloping that unseats almost any rider

OP posts:
50ShadesOfSaggy · 26/06/2012 23:05

I'm happy to play, I'm not keen on the idea of riding a mad bucking bronco though. Walking hacks on 90 year old cart horses are my idea of fun nowadays! plus in quite a heffer nowadays!

Alameda · 26/06/2012 23:40

well I do walking hacks too (now, as of Sunday, haha) and pull yourself together you are NOT - and if you were my horses are built like brick shithouses (love an elegant turn of phrase) or we could just play by having lunch in the pub instead anyway

OP posts:
Bettyboo2820 · 27/06/2012 00:24

I'd get your pony's head up - try a cheltenham gag with the reins on either the middle ring or bottom ring. You'll feed more in control. Hope your pony and friend are ok. x

Alameda · 27/06/2012 01:02

Thanks Flowers have only ever used one of those once, it's sort of filed under E for Emergency but will keep it in mind - have feeling it might be a bit harsh, maybe?

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