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Kicking help

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TheQueenOfDiamonds · 30/05/2012 16:09

I've been helping out with a few mares near me.

The mare i ride most is a 13.2 13 year old cob mare. She is an ex RDA pony. On her own, She is fabulous. She moves beautifully - Despite owner being told that we would never get more than a bit of trotting out of her as she was deadened to the aids [Turning away for a while did her the world of good].

She is a lovely little pony in all.

The only issue we have now, Is kicking other horses. We do suspect this is a result of being in the riding school and RDA for five years.

If we hack out, She will happily go with the owners other mare and behave perfectly. We went out the other day and she didn't give so much as a funny look.

In the school however, Or riding out with a strange horse, She will happily kick seven shades of shite out of them.

I rode her in the school the other day, while owner lunged the other mare, She did try it on a bit but didn't even get close. With a less capable rider she would run backwards at the first sign of weakness to batter the other horse.

She is not keen on people standing in the school while she is ridden either - Yet anywhere else, You can stand right behind her arse and she doesn't bat an eyelid. It is solely in the school that one.

This prevents us from hacking out with other people or going to shows for obvious reasons.

We can work on it with the owners other horse because they're her horses. But despite getting better ridden with those horses, A strange horse comes along and she starts all over again.

Has anyone else experienced this, And any tips on how to safely get her out of this behavior?

OP posts:
horseylady · 30/05/2012 18:14

Gosh how difficult? My mare will kick out but only if she feels threatened. My other mare will kick shit out of certain horses in the field (mainly my other mare!!) but there's no reason as to what shell go for and why? I used to ride out with a pony who did this occasionally, we just pre occupied her and she did hunt and compete with few incidents ( she always had a red ribbon in)

What do you dwhiter other horses? Have you tried giving her something else to do like bending, lateral movements, transitions. As such you are her focus not the other horse. Is she worse in season?
If she were mine, I'd rule out pain etc. Then each time she did it give her a bloody kick and if that fails a smack!! After trying to pre occupy her. She has probably been kicked and cornered and so defends instantly.

Keep working at it, look for patterns and don't be afraid of telling her it's not acceptable! Not beating her obviously but one smack after a boot is sufficient!

horseylady · 30/05/2012 18:15

Dwither?!! Should be when you meet sorry!!

TheQueenOfDiamonds · 30/05/2012 18:48

We know it's not pain. Her saddles are fitted correctly etc, She knows what she's doing too!

In the school she;

Is fabulous on her own
Will try it on if owners other mare comes in the school, But if you know what you are doing she is not too difficult to push through it - The worst she did with me was stop and nap a little, nothing dangerous, a good amount of leg soon sorted that. If you show a sign of weakness though she will just go and batter her.

Will run backwards the length of the school to get at any other horse though no matter who's on her - She's not done this with me yet, But she has with her owner, who is a very able rider - She has tried spinning, circles, riding forward, you name it.

Hacking out, She is fine with owners other horse, We go out together with absolutely no problems, But will boot anything else - I haven't come across any other horses on her yet.

OP posts:
TheQueenOfDiamonds · 30/05/2012 18:50

She's not too bad in the field though, She's a bit bolshy and bossy but she doesn't give the others a beating in the field.

She is an absolute star in every other way possible and it's such a shame this is stopping us going to shows or drag hunting etc and i think she would really enjoy these sorts of fun activities after so long walking around in a circle at the riding school!

OP posts:
horseylady · 30/05/2012 19:02

Maybe try with humans in the school and build it up? Stand a horse on the outside, then walk round while she's working then just standing in the school etc. You need a very quiet horse or selection of horses?

In some ways a hunt ride would almost be perfect as she would be unable to single one horse out and would have to learn to get on with things BUT if she did kick the crap out of something you'd be in serious trouble and have a very large bill.

She needs to learn she's safe and to not fight first!

TheQueenOfDiamonds · 30/05/2012 19:28

Thankyou for the suggestions :) I will make a note of them and see if anyone is up for helping! I know she won't have a go at the other mare too badly if i'm on her lol, so need a different horse!

OP posts:
Freddiebump · 31/05/2012 09:56

You might find she's fine at shows etc as it may just be territorial behaviour in the school and yard. My old mare was a bit like this at home yet fine with horses we met out hacking and at shows. Good luck!

otaku · 01/06/2012 11:27

My mare used to be like that, we found that a lot of this behaviour was because she was badly socialized and barely saw other horses, followed by being put into a feild full of horses, on top of that she is very very domineering Confused. We found getting her ou and about the yard and just seeing (from a distance) and having loads of different neighbours (which lead to loads of squealing!). Does she have any horses she is particularly bad with? We found particulary large or dominant used to add fuel to the fire with her "displaying" while I tried to ride her. I supose it has been her softening with age and getting used to her surrounding that has helped the most.

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