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riding in shorts

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Alameda · 24/05/2012 15:01

cellulite is likely to startle the other horses isn't it? Confused

OP posts:
Notinmylife · 24/05/2012 15:24

It'd be bloody painful I'd imagine!

MrsNouveauRichards · 24/05/2012 15:27

Chaftastic! It always seems like a good idea and it never is.

SaggyCeratops · 24/05/2012 16:27

You do NOT have cellulite! Grin no one as gorgeous as you has excess flab!
Last time I rode in shorts, I ended up covered in bruises from the stirrups. My alternative of choice, is to wear the shorts, but wear my lovely, butter soft suede full chaps on top. that way, you get a bit of ventilation!

Alameda · 24/05/2012 16:50

I LOVE YOU SAGGY, you are my best one!

have decided it is just too hot to ride, lucky boys can enjoy a day off :)

OP posts:
SaggyCeratops · 24/05/2012 21:21
marge2 · 29/05/2012 12:57

It's nice bareback actually - really soft - but only in walk riding in from the field!. Not in public!!

Alameda · 29/05/2012 13:00

oh goodness, not on the brown one with the bony back it isn't

could still feel each vertebrae for WEEKS

OP posts:
Thistledew · 29/05/2012 13:02

I used to hack out in shorts and jodhpur boots in the summer. It does wonders to teach you to keep your lower leg still, in trot and canter as well as walk. Jumping straw bales required a lot of concentration at maintaining the correct position!

AlpinePony · 29/05/2012 14:07

Baking hot sunday and I made the executive decision to ride without gloves. BIG mistake... 40 minutes later, my hands looked as though they'd been flayed. :(

AdventuresWithVoles · 29/05/2012 14:16

DD rode yesterday in shorts & no gloves, but only for like 5-10 minutes at a time (friend's pony).

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