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can you help me find a new sharer?

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Alameda · 21/05/2012 17:25

never advertised or looked on the open market before, sharers have come through existing contacts before so it's exciting and a bit scary . . .

I think I want someone who can commit to a regular (3x a week?) riding and split the costs 50/50, does that sound fair? The difficult bit is describing the pony, I know he is a much much much more manageable beast than the one I bought but I feel cold and wibbly in the tummy at the thought of even a confident child/teen riding him. To me he is always going to be the pony who does handstands unexpectedly although really he hardly ever does that now.

And - how do you vet people? I always think everyone is nice and fairly normal and yet, this is the horse world, most people are not. Do you have a trial period, ride out with them a lot, what?

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horseylady · 21/05/2012 19:52

I contacted from her advert. She does 2 days a week and pays £20. Im flexible on days etc seems to work. She's lovely, gentle and I just got a nice vibe from her. I think 50:50 prob a bit much I worked out about £10 a day. Assuming it costs between 250-280 every 4 weeks or so. It's difficult and to start with I watched her, but now rarely see her. Kind of the idea!

TheQueenOfDiamonds · 21/05/2012 23:25

I think it depends on the area etc. I don't think 50/50 is unreasonable if you're spending an average amount on your horse. My first part loan was half stable fees, half feed and half shoes. He lived out in most weathers so they didn't bother asking me to put to the bedding, he rarely used any.

I think if you're keeping it on a fancy competition yard though, You're not going to get many people willing to pay half of that to ride someone elses horse - I've seen some people offering part loan and the cost of the loan per week is more than what i spent keeping my own horse.

Alameda · 21/05/2012 23:36

thanks both

half his costs at the moment would only be £30 a month - he is barefoot, lives out and getting fat on fresh air, have already bought years supply of wormers and vacs are up to date

I really need help exercising him because I hate riding him! Well that's not true, technically he is actually nicer than the horse who only has two gears (dawdle or bat out of hell) and his jumping has really come on. Am just traumatised by his earlier rodeo days and never feel safe. Is not a great selling point is it? I have the time but very little inclination. Poor pony.

OP posts:
horseylady · 22/05/2012 10:04

Would you not be better selling him?

Alameda · 22/05/2012 11:21

nooooo, he'd had so many owners when I got him - some barely kept him for two weeks! I knew of him for a couple of months before I bought him and he changed hands three times in that time. it could easily go quite badly wrong for him, no I can't sell. Not unless it was someone I knew very very well.

I like having sharers, it spreads the load a bit and makes holidays easier and it's an extra person to ride out with. I could embark on Project Learn to Love That Pony part 54 and actually make an effort with it.

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horseylady · 22/05/2012 16:39

Oh ok well a sharer sounds sensible!! You also sound like me with my pony lol!! Though I love her to pieces and she owes me nothing as she's taken me places I'd only dreamed of!! I have a horse now for different adventures, the pony should really be sold to let a young child live out their dreams.....I just can't do it!!! I'm pregnant and the money would be hugely welcome BUT I love her!!

Alameda · 23/05/2012 23:05

I read your other thread, it's difficult isn't it?

Think I am being a bit horrible about my pony, it's not his fault he is not my horse. Have decided to Just Get On With It and ride him every day and not look for another sharer.

OP posts:
Treblesallround · 26/05/2012 15:59

I found a fabulous sharer for outgrown pony in here (thanks marialuisa)

frumpet · 30/05/2012 23:08

I think you need to be honest about the horse to people , you could well find someone who is experienced enough to cope with an occasional rodeo outburst but doesnt have the time to commit to a fulltime horse . Just make sure they have their own personal accident insurance , i think you get it automatically if you join the british horse society .

Alameda · 30/05/2012 23:14

I'm suddenly quite besotted with him, maybe the break in which I had much less to do with him has done us food? So at the moment have shelved the whole sharing idea - having too much fun rediscovering him. Not sure what has changed, other than my attitude, but increasingly am forced to admit he has many many wonderful traits the horse would do well to emulate!

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