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daft names!

18 replies

otaku · 12/05/2012 19:01

Have just been thinking, does anyone ever call thier horses daft names/

mine have some really odd names and I always get funny looks. These include:

for her:
-pony furry (shes a highland)

for him:
-lil fella
-stinker (hes a little welshie)

OP posts:
Pixel · 12/05/2012 22:00

No but the farrier once called my pony a name I won't repeat here Grin.

FuckingSaggyOldClothCatPuss · 12/05/2012 22:32

The Shetlands are 'fuzzy felts'!
The big boy is 'Forrest Gumption'
NF is 'MollyNobChops'!

FuckingSaggyOldClothCatPuss · 12/05/2012 22:33

GUMP even!

ExitPursuedByABear · 12/05/2012 22:40


(are you spotting the theme there?)

Pixel · 12/05/2012 22:49

Now you come to mention it I do often call the cob 'Lardy'.

horseylady · 13/05/2012 10:23

Moose regularly!! or monster

Treblesallround · 13/05/2012 14:19

Little sausage Blush

QuietTiger · 13/05/2012 15:38

I have "Captain Lard-arse". He is fat "quite chunky". I also have "Dimbo" - he is quite dopey and is just like Dylan off the magic roundabout laid back. Grin

AllPastYears · 13/05/2012 15:55

Sometimes I call mine "Mr Horse" Blush. Oh and "Mr Numpty" (often appropriate). Grin

Butkin · 13/05/2012 17:29

My cob's nickname was Butkin....

DeathByChocolate01 · 13/05/2012 17:49

My mumsnet nickname (minus numbers) is my horse's show name. Grin At home she is Snotface, Snottybot, Fatty or Cowface, depending on how she's behaving.

CMOTDibbler · 13/05/2012 21:49

Dirtygit normally. DS calls him donnydonnydondon

Callisto · 14/05/2012 14:14

DD's pony is sometimes called Pinky (he has a very pink nose).

One of the pointers is nicknamed Big Willie, and one of the racehorses is known as Native Bitch (she is one). We also have Tommy Titmunch, Tricky Bear, Chump and Sneezy. All the horses on the yard have a proper name, a stable name and at least one nickname.

Callisto · 14/05/2012 14:15

I love fuzzy felts for Shetlands, Saggy.

hickerybobp · 17/05/2012 02:13

Some of these are great. I'm ridiculed by a friend because I named my little welshie "Iggy Piggy" he has a posh show name on his passport.... but for some reason Iggy Piggy just stuck Blush

AhsataN · 25/05/2012 22:09

moomin because shes a welsh sec b white and fluffy with big eyes.
old hag.... shes 27 still being ridden, still goes like the clappers and still hates anyone under 7 yrs old. has never done cuddles but i love her.

ToxicMoxie · 26/05/2012 22:06

My friend calls her horse "meat" because she is built and marked like a hereford.

happyjules · 29/05/2012 14:01

My TB is known as handsome ('cause he is) or grumpy arse depending on his mood. One of the ponies gets called posh pony ('cause he is). He is a very pretty and mannered show pony in the making. The other pony is called bad pony-gues what, 'cause he is. He's a bit of an escape artist and would happily run his own dam over for a blade of grass. There all lovely as they are and very different

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