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Advice please for a very rusty rider

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Mulsanne · 09/04/2012 17:08

Can someone please advise as to the difference (financial and responsibility) between loan, part-loan and share?

I have seen a horse advertised for loan to stay where it is. It would cost £100 every 4 weeks to include food and field rent (live out all year). Presumably I would have to pay for shoes,worming,dental etc on top of this?

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pamplemousse · 09/04/2012 17:13

Yup, loan is basically you paying for everything as though the horse was yours, but not actually owning it. I would check who pays insurance though.
Part loan is the same as share afaik, you pay for some things and not other to be agreed (carefully and fully to avoid problems) between the sharers/loaners.
Hope thats accurate and helpful.
I'm excited for you, what kind of horse, nice riding area?

Mulsanne · 09/04/2012 17:20

Oh thank you so much for your quick reply!

He's a coloured cob 15.2hh and I'm going to go and see him tomorrow. There are some nice trails around the area where he is kept and basically I just want a nice quiet horse to hack out on[busmile]

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Butkin · 09/04/2012 18:29

Do you get sole riding of this fellow for your money or do you have to share with owners? Also are they happy for you to take him away to do pleasure rides etc?

I agree with Pamplemousse you need to work out with owners in advance about insurance and also about vets fees etc. You'll have to ask them about dental, shoes, worming etc because when we loaned a horse out all of these were paid for by the loanee but they best to be clear about it.

25 pounds a week sounds very cheap - is it diy livery?

Mulsanne · 09/04/2012 18:36

There are no livery costs because he lives out in his field all year round with his owners' other 3 horses. Not sure if I will have 'exclusive' or whether his owner will still be rinding him too. I guess it will all become clear tomorrow but I am very nervous (as well as excited)

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horseylady · 09/04/2012 18:48

My pony is on loan with me they pay for everything but insurance. I still ride her occassionally and take the young girl to shows with me. My big horse I have a girl ride two or three days a week and she gives me £20 a week. Works out ok my horses are kept going but I still see them daily x

horseylady · 09/04/2012 18:50

To add I gave my loaner the option of paying ne £200 a month and I paid for everything from that or they sorted it. £100 a month I would assume covered everything x

Booboostoo · 09/04/2012 19:09

Have a look at the BHS sample loan agreement, it will prompt you to think of all sorts of issues you need to discuss and decide on with the owner.

Also, do not ride the horse if the owner won't get on it first!!! (cynic me, much?)

Good luck, hope he's "the one"!

Mulsanne · 09/04/2012 19:49

Some good advice there - thank you so much everyone [Flowers]

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Mulsanne · 09/04/2012 19:50

that should have been Thanks [bugrin]

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