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The tack room

Hello there!

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TheQueenOfDiamonds · 31/03/2012 22:31

I'm new to MN, And thought i'd say hi - There doesn't seem to be many forums with a decent Horse based section. Even the ones on websites specifically for horses seem to have gone a bit shite.

Anyway, I'm 22, I currently live the Newton-le-Willows, (Near Warrington).

I currently ride a lovely 6 year old 14.2 Gypsy cob. He's not mine (Sadly!), I had to sell my beloved boys when i got pregnant with my youngest.

I've only been back in the saddle for a few days since having The Boy so i'm a tad sore at the moment!

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Mirage · 01/04/2012 09:25

Hello and welcome.I don't ride these days,but both my daughters do.[I'd love a gypsy cob so am very Envy of you].I'd love to see a photo if you have one?

I like the Tack Room,it is less judgy than some horse forums,and there is a good assortment of different riders,happy hackers,Pony Clubbers,hunters,show ponies ect.

It can be quiet on here sometimes,but don't let it put you off,there is normally someone knocking about.

CMOTDibbler · 01/04/2012 18:27

Welcome QoD - I bet you are sore ! It'll soon pass though

It is lovely here - everyone has supported me with our trials and tribulations of the last few years.

I love hairy cobs, and when I persuade dh that we can manage a horse for me as well as ds, thats what I intend to get.

TheQueenOfDiamonds · 01/04/2012 22:56

How do i post a picture?

Mirage - Oooh i've met some judgey/nasty horsey types over the years! My personal favourite was a livery yard i was on, I'd been riding a friends pony there, And was just about to finish the session (I was reschooling him, extremely nervous, literally scared of his own shadow) because the women on the yard would not stop their children running around screaming, When they kicked a ball and caused me a horrible accident - I broke my arm in two places, fractured my shoulder and collarbone, broke 4 ribs at the front, 3 right at the back like as near to my spine as you could get without it actually being my spine (Sorry i'm not very good at describing that one without visual aids!), tore the muscles in my back, damaged the nerves in my arm and damaged my brain so i had blackouts for quite a while after! And one of them had the cheek to tell me i was milking it! (Barely a week after the accident! I couldn't walk properly!).

They even went as far as to plant things in my stable and accuse me of stealing!

It was funny one day - They noticed one of the ladies on the yards saddles had disappeared from her tack room, And tried tocrack on like i was probably responsible - She stood there and let this woman go on and on and on about me, before saying 'Ah right, OR it could be that i took them home last night when you weren't here' and walked off.

We soon moved though - Onto the same yard as a TA from the school i was in! She was great though haha, Just meant i couldn't skive off and go to the stables anymore!

CMOTDibbler - Its much better today! I'm sure it won't be tomorrow - Hoping to get in a decent schooling session and really see what he can do.

My OH Keeps telling me i 'can't have a horse, And refuses to come and watch me ride at the moment - I think he is pining for my colt, I had to sell him when i was pregnant, And OH jumped at the chance to visit him the other week, And has been thinking of various plans if she decides to sell him on at any point so that i can have him back lol (He cried when i sold him!)

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giraffesCantDonateBoneMarrow · 02/04/2012 22:49

If you go on your MN profile you can add pictured there

TheQueenOfDiamonds · 02/04/2012 23:43

I've put a couple on :)

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Mirage · 03/04/2012 08:06

If you make your profile public,then we can have a look.

Your old livery sounds absolutely awful,and your accident horrific.Sad Well done for keeping riding though.The bit about you being on the same yard as the TA made me smile though.One of my neighbours is a TA at the DD's school and her teenage daughter rides.We were commiserating that school gets in the way of the hunting season and she suggested that I kept them off 'sick' on Fridays,like she did with her daughter.I daren't though,as when the hunt passes the school,all the kids rush to the windows and the dds would be sure to be spotted.

TheQueenOfDiamonds · 03/04/2012 16:03

Ahha, Done it now i think?

Oh they were right cows. Fortunately that was the only truly horrible yard i've been on.

I did get kicked off one though because the owner found out i was friends with a woman he really does not get on with. That was funny, Miserable old git got the other women to call the RSPCA on me aswell, And made out i'd not been going to see my old mare!! (They couldn't grasp the concept of working unsociable hours, and not being on the yard at exactly the same time as them, see).

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Mirage · 03/04/2012 16:47

Ahhh,he's gorgeous.You look very glamourous too!
My friend had the RSPCA called out to her pony-the mare was nearly 30 and under vet treatment,but they bullied my friend horribly about the poor pony and we never did find out who reported her.

Do you think your little girl will want to ride?

TheQueenOfDiamonds · 03/04/2012 17:20

I am hoping she will. I will be teaching her myself though. She uses Cochlea Implants as she is profoundly deaf, And the processors can be broken by a fall, So i would rather teach her using BSL (Her first language) as they are very expensive, Even though the NHS would pay for them - I would feel terrible.

Plus i'm unsure weather i'd be able to get a correctly fitting hat on her with her processors on.

She very much likes horses and has had a little sit on a few, I would love a little section A for her.

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