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how can I fall in love with the pony again?

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MightyNice · 30/03/2012 09:21

I don't even have to love him really, just feel reasonably secure on board. Not that I don't love him at all, but really have to push myself to ride him and his sharer only comes once a week now.

Any ideas? His bolting and bucking is ancient history now but I know it's still in there, waiting to be triggered!

OP posts:
elephantpoo · 30/03/2012 11:14

I have messaged a lot on here aboiut various wobbles I've had with Dpony, and it always came back to lessons, lessons and more lessons. I have had 2 now and the rewards have been huge. He's changed immensley (in confidence / ability) the point that our instructor couldn't believe the change in him between the 2 lessons :)
You have come amazingly far with him (from what I recall from previous threads).....maybe lessons are the best way forward. You can build you trust / confidence in each other - a mutual respect kind of thing, and push your bolting / bucking thoughts to the back of your mind where he can't see them (I appreciate that's very hard - been there - but it may help)

CMOTDibbler · 30/03/2012 11:18

How about some horse agility ? The inhand work is great for bonding, and for increasing your confidence in what he will do for you. And it looks like a great laugh - I'm going to make some more obstacles for dpony, but he will weave on command now and we really like playing games

MightyNice · 30/03/2012 11:25

oh that is an interesting thought - by coincidence having first lesson for aaaages on Mon, well over a year anyway, but didn't occur to me to have it on the pony - largely because want to be on lunge and torture self without stirrups etc

it's good to hear how well you are getting on now, have been keeping half an eye on things here. it's all uphill sometimes isn't it?

maybe I could have a hacking lesson on the pony? Grin I never ride in the school, ever! feel claustrophobic and dreadful in there, don't know why, but I don't mind him taking off in the outside world (which he still does sometimes, luckily without the handstands these days) and he's actually much much nicer to ride than the horse, very comfortable. I just don't feel safe and the contrast is dramatic, my horse is obviously not perfect but he never scares me

OP posts:
MightyNice · 30/03/2012 11:28

inhand is a great idea too, I feel very affectionate towards him when grooming (sometimes) it might not all be about riding?

OP posts:
elephantpoo · 30/03/2012 20:15

No-you're right. It's not all about riding. What CMOTDibbler said about agility (or any kind of groundwork / in-hand work) would benefit you and pony. Just having fun together and being relaxed can only be a good thing :)

Booboostoo · 30/03/2012 21:42

Get a good instructor to talk you through it all and if necessary pop you on the lunge for as long as you need to build your confidence up. You can definately have a hack lesson, I have had loads to deal with different issues on different horses.

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