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The tack room

Going barefoot?

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annieapple7 · 28/03/2012 12:52

Hi Tackroom chums
I started a thread recently about the cost of keeping horses and a few of you suggested going barefoot. I was not keen but DHorse 2 (the ex racer) now has stinking thrush and previously had a corn so I am wondering would barefoot be better (and cheaper?)
It is more of a welfare thing really as he more I read about it, it seems shoes can cause more problems than they solve.
My worry is the weak TB feet combined with a fair bit of roadwork. And finding a barefoot trimmer in South Wales.
And - what is best for treating the thrush? Was using some kind of hoof hardener (keratex?) which is useless, so scrubbed out today with salt water.
I think I used Stockholm Tar in the olden days? Or Cornecresine?
Have washed my own hands five times and they still smell ewwww....

OP posts:

Loshad · 14/04/2012 10:22

silicone shoes sound great!
not really any transition issues, but as she had basically 4 months when we first pulled the shoes i guess that helped her to acclimitise. That break was partly because her feet were so bad, but also i was just starting a new job and manic busy with the dcs. Also when we did start walk work again around christmas time i wasn't riding every day to start with so again presume that helped.

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