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MightyNice · 27/03/2012 12:06

sorry to shout but where and why?

they both live out again now, I never wear my gym shoes anywhere near the horses so why were there all bits of hay and straw and flakes of dried mud around ME during class at gym today? :( there is always some in my bra and pants too, I don't understand

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Callisto · 27/03/2012 13:01

I thought you meant how it comes into existance as lovely bales delivered by your friendly farmer. I was about to give you a synopsis on the growing of wheat and grass. Grin

MightyNice · 27/03/2012 15:06

heh, that would be funny

no I sort of have a rough grasp of how it is produced but not why I keep producing so much when haven't touched any for days - although I do squeeze past the haylage rack in my field, might pick some up then?

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Mirage · 27/03/2012 16:26

I'd love to know too.My battle is with horse hair.I found some in a supposedly clean saucepan just out of the drawer last week.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss · 27/03/2012 17:38

The absolute worst thing that gets carried home? I've just discovered it.
It's tiny teeny weeny minute specks of thrushy sole, that hide away, only to drop off and absolutely REEK, in random non horsey places! I've been filing the feet of my brood mares and retirees today, and my car smells disgusting!

Pixel · 27/03/2012 20:50

I vacuumed my car out the other day (yes, it's time for the annual event!) and the boot was full of hay. I've no idea how as I've never put hay in the boot. The car doesn't even get near enough to the yard to have any hay 'float' in while the boot is open or something as it gets parked in a residential street nearby. I do get some on my clothes (and in my bra of course) but still, it's not as if I climb into the boot is it? Hmm
So I can't answer your question, I have my own mysteries to worry about Grin.

MightyNice · 27/03/2012 22:41

don't mind hair, although someone I'd never met before said 'I can see you are an animal lover' and looked at all the hairs on my clothes Blush

would not like bits of stinky thrush feet, bet my dog would eat them though

I can't believe you have time to vacuum your car every year pixel, whether it needs it or not? I am tempted to take a pic of the interior of mine but you wouldn't get the full aromatic effect of the very old cauliflower that is in somewhere

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Treblesallround · 28/03/2012 09:51

I'm glad it's not just me. My car is full of rugs for washing (and bits of hay) My mum borrowed it this morning and says it reeks. I suppose it does a bit. I live in fear of giving non-horsey people lifts

Pixel · 28/03/2012 21:12

Well yes Mightynice, I like to make a special effort to keep up standards. Every year without fail. Smile
I drew the line at cleaning off the seagull poo though and bunged a man a fiver to wash it in Sainsbury's car park.

MightyNice · 28/03/2012 21:16

bizarrely (or maybe they stalk me on here?) my daughter and her friend at the yard mucked my car out today!

they filled three Shock black sacks, and scraped mould off the carpets with hoof picks Blush - it's still filthy by any normal standards but looks pretty amazing to us now, I might actually get one of those car park men to use a vacuum cleaner on the inside and a clean windscreen would be lovely. Especially now the sun has come out, I might as well use bricks instead of glass at the moment.

isn't it weird what you keep in a car though? we found a kettle!

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Pixel · 28/03/2012 21:25

Take my advice and never (ever ever) lift up the back seats and look underneath. I did it once. Trust me, ignorance is bliss. Although you might find that elusive cauliflower!

MightyNice · 28/03/2012 21:42

oh my goodness, they found it, it was liquid - did I post about that? paranoia

I can't describe the smell, my eyes are watering at the memory!

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dappleton · 29/03/2012 10:49

Grin this making me feel 'normal' again. DH took my van, that I use for all things horsey, to the car wash (they also do interiors), when he went to get the van back they told him it's the last time they would clean it in "that state", next time he'd have to pay double! However hard I try it still gets covered in crud and smells of horse sweat Blush

annieapple7 · 29/03/2012 15:20

My children complain about the smell of my car too. Although the buggers are responsible for most of the crap in there. I too wonder about how hay gets in. Shavings doesn't though. Impossible to get horse (dog hair) out of car carpet - what it is made of anyway - some kind of genetic mutation between pubes and velcro? I think of it as a giant handbag on wheels.

annieapple7 · 29/03/2012 15:21

The car that is, not the carpet.

MightyNice · 30/03/2012 09:16

pubes and velcro Grin

I didn't realise they would charge more for very dirty cars, can't cope with all the people queuing to get into the fuel stations anyway - which reminds me that I use a tank a week just doing the horses, wish had diesel car then might be able to do deal with the farmer

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