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synthetic saddle

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cazboldy · 01/03/2012 09:40


I have a horse, bought a year ago, coming on nicely now we have sorted out a few of her issues Smile

she came with a synthetic saddle, and unfortunately I am not able to afford to replace it at present.However, I would really like to have a go at some local dressage comps soon, just for fun, to help bring her on, and take her out and about to see things. Will a synthetic saddle be ok for this? Or should i wait until I can afford a new one?

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Treblesallround · 01/03/2012 10:08

No reason at all not to use a synthetic saddle. I think your plan sounds great, just the thing to bring her along nicely. Have fun!

cazboldy · 01/03/2012 13:42

Thanks Smile

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Butkin · 01/03/2012 16:01

Synthetic will be fine as long as it the right cut for dressage. Is it pretty straight? Hope you have a good time.

cazboldy · 01/03/2012 16:12

it is just a gp, but doesn't restrict her shoulder too much, and am only talking about doing prelim - novice stuff...... nothing too difficult (yet) Grin

Dh will have a fit if I buy 1 new saddle let alone 2! Shock Grin

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BlueChampagne · 02/03/2012 12:56

We went up to elementary in a synthetic saddle - go for it!

cazboldy · 02/03/2012 14:17

thanks. ordered dressage tests from BD this morning Smile

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