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I am more than a little annoyed with the RSPCA!

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SaggyOldClothCatPuss · 11/02/2012 20:10

They visited our yard today. I just need to have a little rant! My friend who owns the yard was apparently refusing to give her/our animals any hay when they were out, they were reduced to eating snow, and the biggest was a skeleton and rugless!
The truth actually was that all of her beasts had had breakfast and a big haynet, before she turned them out at eleven for a leg stretch. They are mostly small natives, as fat as pigs, and spotless. Although it was cold, the sun was out and it was nice, so she took their rugs off so that they could air and roll. Her warmblood is only 6, and is recently broken. He is muscling up nicely, but is still a little hippy. He hasn't got a single rib on show! He was playing with the snow!

Now in the summer, I reported eight large horses in a one acre field, belonging to a notorious neglector in this area, I know her personally, had physical evidence of the neglect, the horses were up to their necks in shit and mud, had nothing to eat and no water for days on end. I was told that they could do nothing until the animals were starving or showing signs of dehydration. it took a week for the RSPCA to visit.
My friends/my horses were out rugless TODAY. The RSPCA must have responded instantly. They were there within two hours.
I know it's really six of one and half a dozen of the other, but in the face of REAL neglect it's bloody annoying!

OP posts:
oreocrumbs · 11/02/2012 20:18

It annoying when they get it wrong isn't it. I came home from work one day to find my gates and doors sealed with sellotape and a card from the rspca saying that they had been told I had gone on holiday and left my dogs alone! Erm nope I was at work, and erm the dogs were not in the house! Being the soft touch I am the days I worked a full shift and they would be alone, I take them to my mothers!

No idea who reported this or why, and I rang the rspca and got them to come out to see for themselves what spoilt rotten well cared for dogs they are!

I suppose the flip side is they have to investigate, because people do mistreat animals, and as annoyed as I was, I would rather be checked without need, than risk animals being neglected.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss · 11/02/2012 20:58

That's true. It's the speed that they leapt on my friend that bugs me. As I said, it took a week for them to come out when they were really needed!

OP posts:
oreocrumbs · 11/02/2012 21:57

I think that might be pot luck, they had a free inspector this time, and with the other yard they might have been really busy.

Its still a pain, and I really think they should prosecute people who make false reports, because so much abuse goes on and there are only so many resources to go around, its a dreadful waste of their time. Not to mention the upset it causes the owners who have done nothing but the best for the animals and then get accused.

If you find out who did it, it might be worth logging with the police - I don't know if they would do anything but good to have on record in case they do it again.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss · 12/02/2012 03:33

It could have been anyone. Friend is frowned upon round here. In an area of hunters and show jumping wannabes, she owns and rides little native ponies. According to the inspector, they are all in perfect condition, and have no problems with being ridden, she is small, and obviously looks after them with great care. She has been reported for riding them before and the inspectors have always been more than happy. What the nosey people fail to realise is that not one of any of the ponies on our yard would probably even be alive if friend hadn't taken them on. They are all slightly mad, wonky or were once neglected. Her warmblood, was imported and then rejected for having one incredibly boxy foot and one flat one. He was out through his whole body because of this, and was on his way to market, where he would very likely have been sold for meat. She spotted a gorgeous temperament and the promise of fantastic action, bought him for peanuts and has spent two years putting him straight. She has bought, fixed and rehomed, many of the local rejects and problems over the years, and people are happy to fob them off on her with one hand, and slag her off with the other!
People ought to mind their own business! Sad Angry

Sorry, late night rant! I'm very protective of my little friend!

OP posts:
Thumbwitch · 12/02/2012 04:03

that's really bad, Saggy - I mean that someone is mean enough to report your friend out of spite. Hopefully there are no comebacks though - the RSPCA have given her a clean bill of health (or rather, the ponies) and they responded very quickly.
Let's face it, if there had been any truth to it, the ponies could have frozen to death, which may have prompted the speedier response; or it may just have been that there was a free inspector, as oreo said.

I don't think you're really annoyed that they came out quickly this time, are you - you're more pissed off that they took so long in the other case, and pissed off with whoever reported your friend. Which is fair enough.

Booboostoo · 12/02/2012 09:31

Sounds like someone was trying to get back at your friend, but I am not too sure the RSPCA can be held accountable for responding too QUICKLY!! They have many faults, but they can't know over the phone which calls are genuine and which are not. It sounds like they correctly assessed the situation as non problematic when they got there, so I think your gripe is more with the person who wasted everyone's time with the report than with the RSPCA.

saintmerryweather · 12/02/2012 09:44

The RSPCA are terrible - my riding instructor found a pony in her field one day that was so neglected that it reduced my tough as nails instructor to tears. You could see every rib and he had clearly been in that state for a long time. He was such a friendly little thing too. She called the RSPCA out who found out who the horse belonged to and gave it back. My instructor still rides past its owners house and she said that its still in the same state. I have suggested she calls WHW but I don't know if she has or not - I don't know exactly where it is otherwise I'd do it myself!

worldgonecrazy · 12/02/2012 09:58

Do you know the RSPCA is not a government body, has no legal right to enter your property and can only bring private prosecutions?

Many people think they are some sort of legal enforcement agency, like the police for animals, but they aren't. They call their workers 'inspectors' and give them uniforms as legally-like police uniforms as they can.

In my younger days I would often try and ask the RSPCA for help, injured foxes, etc. but they never, ever were able to offer any help at all. In the end I just started taking injured wild animals to the vets for a quick euthanase.

Here's a few blogs about how crap the RSPCA are. I refuse to give them any money or support.

RSPCA spend millions prosecuting horse owner

Dog Rehoming Hypocrisy

Bully Boy Tactics

Interesting Interview with a Lawyer

A farmer's view

Callisto · 12/02/2012 10:11

Bloody RSPCA. They are a bunch of useless, politicised idiots. I don't give them money or support either.

BarnabyMirage · 12/02/2012 20:51

Bunch of wasters,not only do they release urban foxes on farmland around here,but they bullied my friend horribly when someone reported her pony.The pony was elderly and undergoing vet treatment,but the RSPCA said that the vet she was using [the best in the county] were not the vet they recommended and tried to bully her into changing.

We used to get lots of abandoned animals around here and gave up ringing the RSPCA,as they would never help.We rehomed them ourselves or through other charities.

Sad for your friend Saggy.Can't the RSPCA put some sort of tag on her details so that if someone reports maliciously again,they'll know to ignore it?

SaggyOldClothCatPuss · 12/02/2012 21:00

Hopefully. The inspector was really nice apparently. Hopefully there is some kind of positive record kept.

OP posts:
worldgonecrazy · 13/02/2012 08:26

Banaby - you're right about the foxes, most of whom die a horrible slow death from starvation because they are urban foxes who don't know how to survive in a rural setting. Nevermind that it is illegal to release foxes into the wild at all as they are classified as vermin.

dappleton · 15/02/2012 10:50

It happens everywhere - when I first moved to Mauritius I was reported to the MSPCA (Mauritius RSPCA) because my horses had some flies around them (WTF - Its it's hot and they're horses!!!) - they said everything was great and the horses couldn't be better looked after...however... about 10km away horses were starving in a hotel 'riding centre' and it took about a year for anything to get done about it. Always seems so back-to-front in terms of priorities.

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