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Damn, just been on Horse Exchange

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Callisto · 13/01/2012 13:42

And I've seen three ponies that I really like the look of for DD. I've even contacted the owners for more details and pics.

I always said that we must persevere with her current pony, but he can be really naughty off the lead-rein and her confidence has been so shaken. It's heartbreaking because she loves him dearly, but she is scared even to trot on him now (and this is from trotting, cantering and jumping at PC camp last summer).

Oh bugger, I really like him but I can't keep two ponies, I've only just enough time to do him, and in my heart of hearts he isn't great for DD. Sad

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LowRegNumber · 13/01/2012 15:17

Attached as we get to our ponies they are there to do a job. If yours is not doing his job well enough then it is surely better to let him go somewhere that he can? If he is a lead rein pony let him he that and make another child very happy and another pony make your dd happy. Unhappy riders do not make happy ponies and vice versa. [Sad]

SaggyOldClothCatPuss · 13/01/2012 17:02

Can you loan the other one out for a year or two? Dd had the same problem. Her welsh a is a gem up to off lead walk, then, beyond that she is a total and utter BITCH! We turned her out and put her in foal, and dd moved on to our gorgeous traditional Shetland. Two years down the line, dd is miles more experienced, and itching to get back on the Welsh, who jumps like a bird.
or would if only we could wean her gitty little colt foal!!

Callisto · 14/01/2012 12:30

Pony is only 11hh so I think will be too small for DD in a couple of years. If I get another it will be a hand bigger so that it lasts her for a few years.

I'm going to break him to drive (I'm nearly there with that, just need to try him in the cart) and see if that improves him for her and keep a look out for first riddens. I was shocked at how much cheaper they are. When I looked a couple of years ago anything decent was at least £1700, now it looks like there are some really nice ponies out there for £500-£700.

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