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Recommend a farrier in Suffolk?

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MitchierInge · 07/01/2012 22:35

Desperate. Don't ask what happened to the last one, of the others who visit current yard only one can take us on and he doesn't do traditional shoes (does cytek). It's IP14, or Debenham to be a bit more precise.

OP posts:

Butkin · 11/01/2012 09:30

We inherited Jamie Gregory when he set up by himself (had previously been doing ours when apprenticed) and find him very reliable and good with the animals.


shufflebum · 12/01/2012 21:23

Sorry Mitchy didn't mean to leave you hanging there Grin No definitely not related to your farrier, I don't know him well so don't panic!
Hope Nick can help you out.


shufflebum · 12/01/2012 21:26

Oh and you definitely didn't crash into me out hunting and I don't recognise horse or dog but they are lovely! Your identity is safe for now.....are you at the yard at Winston?


MitchierInge · 13/01/2012 00:37

well, it wouldn't be a very secret identity if I said yes - it's a pretty small place isn't it? Or so I hear. You haven't got a mare called Miss P have you?

I'm glad you like the pics though :)

OP posts:

horseynewmum · 16/01/2012 14:36

HAve you asked the livery yard at topthorn who they use as not to far from debenham

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