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The tack room

Poor DH always reckoned dpony gets treated better than him,now he's sure.

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Mirage · 22/12/2011 18:41

He has good naturedly moaned about her having her feet,back and teeth checked and the fact she gets her tea before anyone else.Today I told him I was going around to the yard to wash and plait her tail,as she is taking the dds hunting tomorrow.The conversation went like this.

DH] I've run out of showergel,I hope you aren't using that to wash her with?
Me] No,it's Fairy Liquid.
DH] What! Actual Fairy Liquid?
Me] Yes,I was going to buy Persil,but that is more expensive.
DH] You buy cheap Aldi knock off washing up liquid to wash the plates we eat off,but buy Fairy to wash a horse's arse?
Me] Yes-and I'm using your best flask to take some hot water around there to wash her with,I can't wash her with cold water.

DH retired to the kitchen with much eye rolling-he is convinced that dpony gets more attention than he does.Grin

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EllenandBump · 22/12/2011 22:16

Well the pony doesnt answer back for one thing!! Anyway, horses like all animals are easier to deal with then people. And it makes both the pony and the child happy. Its good to get them into something that will keep tehm out of trouble in teenage years! x

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