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Would you bother? And What else could I do with him? 12.2hh

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hickerybobp · 21/11/2011 20:01

2 months ago I took on a welsh section A colt foal that should make 12.2hh, he was a freebie and 5 months old. When I got him he was as wild as could be, he had never been handled. He has been with me for 2 months and is now massively improved, he comes to call, likes being groomed, lets me put a head collar on and off, walks nicely, waits when told, picks all his feet up and is a really nice boy to have around.
Being young it will be years before he can be broken to harness for driving, and he is FARRR to small for me to ride. He is also a cremello and as such he will probably not show well (i'm living in wales so the competition would blow me out of the water!). He costs me a fair bit to keep as I stable him at night, and i'm realising that i will be keeping him for years before he can be used. On the plus side he will be a well handled and fantastic pony one day! I'm NOT considering selling him, I just want opinions as to if many people would actually bother with him?
Any idea's of other uses for him would be appreciated?

OP posts:
EllenandBump · 21/11/2011 22:35

Of course he is bothering with. You could always use him when he is broken as a walk abouts pony for young children to learn to ride on. You could also see where your nearest special needs school is and take him up there to see the children and to be groomed and loved. I know if i was a foal that was too small i would still want to be loved and looked after. At any rate, sometimes being at a stables is your only out let. You can go and have a good cry grooming him and no body know, or if you want peace and quiet they are a perfect excuse, and yes they are very expensive indeed... I know my MIL owns a stables and i always wanted one of my own but have not yet (i'm only 23) been able to afford my own. Good luck and give him a hug from me, he sounds adorable x

SaggyoldCHRISTMASHUMBUGcatpuss · 21/11/2011 22:35

Well Ive got a homebred A colt, he lives out full time and costs me nothing. I'm planning on gelding him as soon as I can, and then storing him for dd to break in at 3 or 4 as a ridden pony. You could always break him to drive! If you weren't on the other side of the country I'd be tempted to take him off of your hands!

Callisto · 22/11/2011 08:15

I probably wouldn't bother. The only reason I would have for getting a 12.2 would be for DD as a riding pony. As she already has an 11.2 who should last her until she upgrades to something bigger, there would be no point in having a prospect like this colt. It is sad as there are way too many not very good horses and ponies that have been bred for no real reason. However, if he was mine I would probably try and find a home for him where someone (like Saggy) could use him and take care of him properly.

SaggyoldCHRISTMASHUMBUGcatpuss · 22/11/2011 09:09

Also, I have to point out, 12.2 will be over height for an A so you won't be able to show him anyway. As for what Ellen posted, you are going to have to geld him. You couldnt do anything with the public with him if he was a Stallion.
There is nothing wrong with him, as a pony, just as a registered welsh A. Please don't write him off, as a gelding, he has very good prospects as a riding pony.
I have a field full of weirdos and rejects, and every pony is worthwhile. Like people, just because they are short, fat, ugly or unintelligent, it doesn't make them any less worthy of respect.
Please think what will happen to this animal if you pass him on. He could well end up in the meat mans truck.

Butkin · 22/11/2011 10:41

You've done well to take him on and I hope it works out for you. There is very little market for young welsh stock - you could buy them for 40gns even at Fayre Oaks sale a couple of months ago - so I'm not surprised he was a freebie, especially if he is a cremello.

I would suggest you geld him asap so that you can mix him with other ponies and he will be easier for you and other people to handle.

Why do you keep him stabled? Welsh ponies are used to living out all the time and and we keep ours out (admittedly with rugs because they are ridden show animals). It would certainly keep down your costs (hay will be very expensive this year) and hassle. If you don't have your own land is there a paddock you could rent?

Why do you say he is a Welsh A but could reach 12.2. That would be overheight for an A which should be less than 12 hands. Is he a pure bred and do you have a passport for him (it is illegal to travel him without one)?

I think you need to work out what you eventually want to do with him. Would you break him in to sell as a riding pony (even top show animals are not selling well at the moment) or do you have children yourself who could eventually ride him?

Sorry to appear negative but it is a huge committment and certainly you need to work out what you want to do with him. If you just want a horse around the place maybe get something that needs your attention but which maybe you could ride yourself one day?

hickerybobp · 22/11/2011 12:57

Hi there, Yes I will be having him gelded soon, especially now the weather is colder (less flies about). He is already a very loving little boy, and never kicks or bites, I make a point of walking about behind and him and touching his legs, bum, feet etc so I think he would be fine around children especially once gelded.
I live in a farm so stables and land come with the place, I stable him at night to teach him manners and because he loves coming in! I muck him out every morning with him in the stable, lead him out to tie him up, groom him etc, but he is turned out during the day, usually from about 9am to about 6/7pm. But as I said, he comes in mostly to be handled as when I got him he was so wild he couldn't be approached and would rear up etc if put on a rope (thankfully all this has stopped completely now). I would like him to meet other horses but he is the only one here, there are 4 empty stables and endless grazing that my landlady was planning on renting out but as yet she hasnt bothered. I'm not about to give up on him as he's very sweet and well behaved and I do have time to give him a good start in life, rather than let him become another useless pony that was never handled/broken. It is sad that people are still breeding them when the market is like this.
Yes he has a passport and can be registered with the welsh pony society, I'm not sure if he will actually make 12.2 but the person who bred him said he might grow a little too big, up to 12.2.
I'd really love to be able to do something with him this summer, Thanks for the suggestion Ellen, I might look into that.
I think he could make a good childrens ridden pony in the future, as he never spooks, a chicken flew out of his stable into his face as he was walking in and he just stood there! He also doesnt mind my hyper active rough collies. He walks calmly next to me and knows stand and walk even without a rope on. I'm shocked at how fast he learns and how willing he is. I've been thinking about doing the fun shows next year, maybe fancy dress as he already looks like a little unicorn.
Thanks everybody

OP posts:
Callisto · 22/11/2011 13:40

Saggy - I would so love to meet your herd after that description. They sound great. Smile

SaggyoldCHRISTMASHUMBUGcatpuss · 22/11/2011 14:56

You say "can be registered with the Welsh Pony Society". If he is not registered he will really be pretty worthless. You need to do this very soon. It has to be done by 31st December!

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