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Size issue?

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tink123 · 04/11/2011 11:41

Hi, as you can tell I am a novice when it comes to all this buying stuff and it is purely hypothetical. Is it is possible to get a pony for an averaged size 10-11 year old girl who could be shared with a 10stone adult.

I know it will depend on breed of horse, but what sort of size would you get in this situation.

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CMOTdibbler · 04/11/2011 11:46

You'd be able to share a 14.2 -15hh cob type

Haggyoldclothbatspus · 04/11/2011 13:08

Go for something native, not too stocky, maybe a section b or a new forest in about 13hh. I wouldnt go over 13.2 personally, I don't know many 10 year olds with the physical strength to stop anything bigger if it buggered about!
IMO its better to horse yourself down a size or two than to scare the living bejesus out of your child!
And don't be put off by natives, they have mainly been bred to work and carry weight, and are more than up to your small weight.
I'm 5'2 and at 13 stone, I was riding a stocky 13h new forest and a humungus traditional Shetland. Neither were remotely bothered by having to carry me. (although I admit I did look a little odd on the shettie, like I was riding a 13,2 in a trench!) Grin

BlueChampagne · 04/11/2011 13:22

Heh - I had a 15.1hh medium cob and I couldn't stop her as an adult if she decided to go! Agree with Haggy on natives. Connemara?

Kormachameleon · 04/11/2011 13:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mirage · 04/11/2011 13:32

Agree about the natives,my friend,who is 5ft 7 and way over 10 stone,shared with her 11 year old daughter and they had a 13.1.I'm 5ft 8 and about 10st and have ridden the dds 13hh welshie.

Mirage · 04/11/2011 13:34

snort at haggy riding in a trench!Grin.Tis true though,these ponies were bred to carry a grown man and tools upo and down mountains,they are tough little things.

tink123 · 04/11/2011 13:48

Thanks for the replies. We will loan first, but I find it is nice to dream :) There is no way we will be getting a horse for a good few years.

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