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I am SOOO proud of DD!

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Haggyoldclothbatspus · 25/10/2011 21:42

We've been over to the riding school where our friend works, for a jumping clinic with Jo Whittaker.
We've been doing it three or four times a year for a couple of years, and dd has always had the big nappy Shetland or the ploddy new forest. I've always been sad because she always rides better on her ponies at home and has to spend so much energy kicking and getting tipped off, that she just looks naff!
Our instructor friend came to visit last month and saw dd ride her own pony. She has been bumped up to the schools good jumping pony. A whizzy little chap nothing like her usual rides!
She was dead good! I was soo proud I cried! She cleared every jump and just loved every second!
Don't get me wrong, she wasn't perfect, but she has come on so much in the last year. She puts in a lot of effort, as does my lovely friend who trains her, and today was her reward!
(picture on my profile)

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Haggyoldclothbatspus · 25/10/2011 21:48

Picture here

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horsemadmom · 26/10/2011 03:07

They are a gorgeous pair. I will also brag about DD2 who is normally very nervous and today should have been her worst nightmare. New pony on the yard, spooked at everything, very strong and capped it all with a buck. She came out smiling and got lots of praise for sticking on him. Was switched to something more manageable for her second lesson.
I just love it when they surprise themselves with what they can do.

Haggyoldclothbatspus · 26/10/2011 08:16

Well done her! It's great to see them progress! Sadly in our family I'm the only one who really cares about dd and her horses, so I have to be proud tenfold for her! (it's quite easy though!)

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TenderlyLovinglyByAGoat · 26/10/2011 15:14

Envy Envy Envy Envy Envy

Haggyoldclothbatspus · 26/10/2011 15:16

It's not Jo, Mitchy, but at some point we are having another of our friends show jumper mates down here to give us lessons. He's no one mega famous, Nick something I think, but I'm sure you could join in.

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TenderlyLovinglyByAGoat · 26/10/2011 15:20


Could I?

we actually have access to a lorry at last, not sole use, but for special occasions!

Haggyoldclothbatspus · 26/10/2011 17:02

Grin not Skelton, some youngster. I think they only get nick Skelton out of mothballs for special occasions like the Olympics! If we do it I'll get them to fit you in.

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Mirage · 27/10/2011 08:52

Ah I'm really pleased for your dd.I know what it's like to see a child struggling with ploddy or stubborn ponies.I'm glad that her hard work and dedication has paid off.

Our Pony Cub has Lee Pearson coming to do a dressage clinic in December-if my dds knew anything about dressage at all,I'd have them booked in like a shot,but we haven't got that far yet.Grin

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