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Going to see a little pony for dd2 this weekend.What should I offer.

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Mirage · 04/10/2011 21:55

We've been looking for a little loan pony for dd2 for a few weeks now,with no joy.I was trawling the internet and found a little 12h 15year old gelding for sale-£750 inc tack ono.Done PC good in traffic,gymkhana games,jumps 2ft 3 all the usual stuff.Been up for sale for 2 wks.I googled the phone number and found his ad on another site,dated 23rd August,at £850.

Assuming he is ok and I can have him on trial,what would be a reasonable offer,bearing in mind that they have already got a new pony and are paying livery for both until he goes?

OP posts:
olderyetwider · 04/10/2011 22:14

I think that if the owner's willing to give you a trial, and the pony's not overpriced, you shouldn't be looking to haggle too much. £750 including tack sounds very fair if it's a good pony (could you get PC reference?)

Mirage · 05/10/2011 08:23

Hmm,I was thinking about a reference last night-I'd need to find out which PC they attended,pony is at Ravenstone,so too far for the Quorn I think.Could be Atherstone.Thanks for the reply,I'm rubbish at haggling.Wink

OP posts:
Butkin · 05/10/2011 13:10

Firstly I agree about getting a reference from PC.

Secondly do you like the tack that they are offering?

If you're happy with both these and obviously like the pony then I would offer 600 pounds and say that you're going to offer a great loving home etc.

I'm sure they will be keen to move him on before Winter and if no offers since August you're in a good position.

They can only say no and probably shake hands on 700.

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