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Is this a bit unreasonable (re. Selling horse on loan)

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bumbleymummy · 01/10/2011 19:17

The girl who owns the horse I have on loan is now trying to sell him. (agreement up in November) She is abroad so I would have to show him to potential buyers. Problem is, with my DC I barely get enough time to ride never mind show him to people who may not even be serious buyers! I haven't said anything to her about it but I feel that it is maybe a bit unreasonable and our loan agreement doesn't say anything about it. At the end of the agreement he was supposed to go back to where he came from but she's not there now. I have already said I would be happy to keep him on for a while (she will be back in the country in the new year) but I think she does want to sell him. Should I be looking at this as something like allowing house viewings when you're coming to the end of your tenancy? I'm not sure what is normal/expected tbh!

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Shutupanddrive · 02/10/2011 08:33

If she wants to sell him, she should sort out people that are coming to try him not you. Has she actually asked you? If she can't be there to do it, she should wait until the new year. I think she's got a bit of a cheek asking tbh! Hope you get it sorted

bumbleymummy · 02/10/2011 10:40

She hasn't asked. Tbh I didn't even know he was up for sale again until I saw his ad. She had mentioned that she was thinking about selling him but hadn't told me she had decided to advertise. In the ad it says he is on loan and that there are facilities available to try him. Her contact details are listed so she's dealing with the phone calls/ emails but I'll be the one who has to show him if someone wants to come see him. I'm not sure if she thinks she can just keep him advertised if I agree to take him on loan again. I wouldn't be too happy about not knowing whether I will have him or whether he'll be sold at any time. Im trying to decide whether or not to buy my own horse or buy a trailer (I have another thread) and I would obviously opt for the former if this horse is going to be sold. I emailed her and said to let me know what she decides to do about selling and that if she decides to loan him out again I would be happy to draw up another loan agreement for Nov. I will not be signing another loan agreement while he is still being advertised because I don't want to spend all winter showing him to people and not knowing how long I'm going to have him for.

OP posts:
bumbleymummy · 02/10/2011 10:41

Sorry, that was a bit of a rant! Just feeling a bit 'allovertheplace' about this and I'd like to know what's going on so I can start making decisions.

OP posts:
Shutupanddrive · 02/10/2011 18:28

I would just make yourself unavailable if anyone wants to come and try him then tbh and just tell them they need to contact the owner not you.
Maybe worth a phone call to get it straight when you have him on loan until. She is being very unfair I think Sad

Redbluegreen · 02/10/2011 18:35

Not on. She either needs to put him somewhere where they can do this for her (some kind of selling yard) or have him back herself and do it then. If she can't have him back the very least she should have done is ask you if you would be willing to show him to buyers, so you could say no.

bumbleymummy · 02/10/2011 19:22

Thanks for your replies. I'm glad I'm not being unreasonable. I wasn't sure if I was and this was completely normal. I've spoken to a friend as well today and I think I'm just going to email her and make it very clear that if she wants to sell him then she can do so in November when our contract is up or we can sign another loan agreement and she can sort out trying to sell him when she gets back. I'd like to know either way so I can look for another horse to take on loan or buy my own. I've seen a lovely 3 yo...... Grin

OP posts:
rogersmellyonthetelly · 03/10/2011 08:48

Totally out of order I'm afraid, either she waits until she is back in the country in jan or he goes to a selling yard for a professional to do this for her. There is a reason why selling livery is more expensive than ordinary livery and it's because making yourself available for people to come and view a horse is a pita! It's also hard work making sure the horse is clean and presentable, tack clean (ish) and in good repair, waiting around for hours for no shows, spending 3 hours with a potential buyer for your 16.2hh thoroughbred only for them to tell you at the end that he's lovely but they really wanted a 15.hh welsh cob, etc etc.

CluckyKate · 03/10/2011 11:36

She is definitely taking the piss. I presume if you'd like to continue the loan you need to keep on the right side of her but you definitely need to get her straight on what she reasonable expect from you.

Out of interest, is there any reason why you're not interested in buying him??? You mentioned you'd like to buy a horse so why not him? If a horse of your own is what you really want now would be a really good time to buy - lots of bargains out there esp. with the winter coming on so maybe it's time you let the loan horse go and did some shopping Smile

Abbicob · 03/10/2011 12:55

If she wants you to help sell him tell her you want a sellers commission fee for all the time and effort youwill have to put in. Maybe a % of the selling fee.

bumbleymummy · 03/10/2011 15:52

Clucky, I was looking for something a bit younger. I have an 11 yo thoroughbred who i have just had to retire. In a way, having one on loan is nice and relaxing but I would like another one of my own. I was thinking of keeping him for fun while I brought on a younger one but I'm not sure I would have the time. Anyone have experience of bringing on a newly broken horse that can give me a realistic view of how time consuming it's going to be?

Will mention the selling yard idea to her but I'm also liking the idea of commission! Only problem is I would probably be very unmotivated to sell him because then I'll be horseless!

OP posts:
bumbleymummy · 05/10/2011 00:08

Aaaagh! She's emailed me to ask if I'd chat to someone and let her try him. I'm going to end up agreeing because I'm too bloody soft!

OP posts:
Abbicob · 05/10/2011 12:58

If your going to do it anyway ask her for a selling fee

Butkin · 05/10/2011 13:15

We sent our Connemara to a selling yard because we didn't have a menage/jumps/time to do it properly. You need to get him ready, clean his tack, be prepared to show him off first etc if you're going to do a proper job and this is worth something - especially as it is likely to be a regular occurence until sold.

We paid normal livery for the month he was there plus 5% of sale price (on 4,000 pounds).

Redbluegreen · 06/10/2011 13:08

Can you reply saying that you'd rather not as you feel that while he is with you, he is 'yours', and so it is inappropriate for her to be doing this at this time? If she wants to sell him at the end of your contract, she is welcome to take him back. Otherwise, if she'd like you to take on the role of sales agent, you'd require £x. She sounds like she's tsking advantage!

bumbleymummy · 07/10/2011 08:22

Hi. Thanks for all your replies. I emailed her saying I was happy to chat to the girl but it would be difficult for me to show him for quite a few reasons. It's still ongoing really but I haven't heard anything from the girl who was interested so it may all come to nothing anyway. I chatted to DH and we agreed that showing him to one very interested person wasn't unreasonable but if it continued I would make it very clear that I wasn't going to be able to do it.

I'm having to make some hard decisions now and I think I may just let him go in November to wherever she wants him to go. The expense of keeping him over the winter doesn't really stack up against the use I would get out of him and I'm very aware that he isn't mine now and any work I do with him will probably be undone. It's actually quite demotivating. :( I have a few things planned with him over the next few weeks but I think I'm going to have to say goodbye after that.

I'm still looking at horses for me. I know I would still have to pay to keep him/her over the winter but at least I would know there was a long term plan and it wouldn't just be a case of keeping a horse to allow it to stand around for two months due to bad weather and then go to someone else! Was quite tempted by a few babies but my sensible side is telling me to go for something about 5-7 that has done a bit but still has low mileage so we can come on a bit together.

OP posts:
galonthefarm · 07/10/2011 09:27

bumbleymummy - where are you geographically? I have 7yo tb mare who is gorgeous but am 13 weeks pregnant with no. 2 and am in a massive quandary whether to keep her or not... we could maybe discuss??

bumbleymummy · 07/10/2011 09:29

I'm in NI. I don't suppose you're on this side of the water are you?

OP posts:
galonthefarm · 07/10/2011 10:03

oh no! am in the midlands of england!

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