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The tack room

Well that didn't go well!

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rogersmellyonthetelly · 28/09/2011 19:57

Moved merlin today, went on fine, then flipped out as we closed partition spun his head round and slammed my arm into it just as it locked in. High velocity horses head ramming my arm into solid partiton = bloody huge bruise and painfully sprained elbow. To top it off my finger was caught in the head collar at the time and got yanked sideways fairly brutally, so I am sitting here smoking a fag with my left hand, my right arm feeling like it's been through a mangle and I have comedy finger on my right hand (imagine tom and jerry with an acme hammer, fingers taped together) trying to type with the little finger of my right hand! my left hand Is hopeless so I keep missing my mouth with the fag, and I've spilled coffee down my front aswell.
I'm wondering if I want to put myself through this week in week out in the showing season next year, he came off the box lathered after 20 minute journey, i just don't know what to do to help him settle down better! Please someone tell me he will get better travelling, this is his first time on a box, he has been trailered everywhere until now.

OP posts:
cedmonds · 28/09/2011 20:08

Hi have you tried taking the partition out he is a big boy and it will give him more room. Our 17h2 travels with no partition and is a lot happier as he has got room to get his balance etc

rogersmellyonthetelly · 28/09/2011 20:21

I have moved the partition right over so he has about 4.5 foot between them to give him room to balance, I wouldn't want to take the partition out totally as he gets very antsy once on and I had to hold his head to stop him trying to spin round and get down the ramp today. Once the partition is locked in i can move away from his head (which is a big relief) and get the back doors closed up and the ramp up. I had to double tie him today as he was throwing his head about and I thought he would pull the rings off the wall! Tbh I have considered getting a trailer for him, but as we do big shows we are often away overnight/for several days nothing beats the comfort of a decent living area!

OP posts:
cedmonds · 28/09/2011 20:48

couldn't you get the equi treck trailers that have living in. Ithink you willl have to be care full about weight though.

rogersmellyonthetelly · 28/09/2011 20:59

Mmm I've just been looking at them and debating if it would work, or possibly the equitreck that is side loading where they face backwards. Having seen him on a trailer twice (once at a show and once the day they brought him) he was very calm and not bothered by it at all. I've always been told horses travel better on a box as the jolting isn't as bad, not in his case apparently. Just had a call from the yard owner to say that he's well settled with his new pal in the field, so at least that part is good!

OP posts:
cedmonds · 28/09/2011 21:08

i know he is alot smaller but ds pony cant stand traveling in a box but is fine in a trailer. Thats could that he has settled in. I always have been told that horses travel better backwards. Dont know how true it is though. The thing we do when staying away at shows when we have the minis (so trailer) Is to either stay in a b+b and get someone we now to look after the horses or stay in a tent. Which when it is wet and horrid is not ideal Smile

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 28/09/2011 23:00

I read an article recently, I think it was in the BHS mag, where a member of the Emergency Services said that the majority of horsebox related incidents they see are involving backwards facing boxes.
A friend of mine has a great lorry, she had it custom fitted for herself. The partitions are floor to ceiling, half solid, half grille, fully width adjustable, with a small door in.She can herringbone, or, if she is only travelling a couple, she gives them a big compartment each, and they go loose, so that they can find their own balance, and their is no risk of them jumping out or getting trapped. Its excellent, and her animals all travel very well.

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 28/09/2011 23:01

P.S. if you think smoking and typing left handed are difficult, try brushing your teeth or wiping your bum! Wink

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