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1st riding lesson as an adult- tomorrow - yikes!

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soda1234 · 13/09/2011 23:24

Well really as described above.

My dd, now 14 has been riding since she was 5, we bought her first horse last December. Horse is on working livery at a local stables. We have had some health issues with horse but she is fine now. Daughter is loving her, but I'd like to get more involved.

I have promised dd that I would become competent enough to go on a riding holiday/weekend with her by the end of next year, and hopefully be able to hack out together next spring.To me that means walk/trot/canter, I am 47, about 10 stone, not very fit. I know all the instructors pretty well and they all know me.

Please tell me I'm not bonkersl, I would love to share my daughter's passion.
The lesson tomorrow will probably just be walking and steering!

I'm well aware I may not be able to walk on Thursday.

Anyone else returned to riding so late and been successful?

OP posts:
Mirage · 14/09/2011 20:24

Oh well done.You have given me the confidence to book a lesson for myself.I've been dithering about doing it for weeks now,but will do it before the weekend.I've not ridden properly for 32 years.eek!
I think I'm about 10st too and unfit.The only exercise I get is running after the dds when the little devils decide to trot to make me run.They think it's funny as I'm so out oif breath.

I'm glad you enjoyed your lesson.Smile

soda1234 · 15/09/2011 09:22

Surprisingly not too achey this morning (perhaps I wasn't doing it right!).
It was a 30 min lesson Mitch, the time flew by though.
The best thing was how delighted dd was that I'd taken the plunge.
We chatted about the lesson, and when I said things like "on the right rein" or "diagonal", she said "wow, mum you sound like a horsey person". Anything that can up my kudos with my teenage, often stroppy, dd is worth a little pain and perseverance.
Mirage, book it now!!! We can learn together Smile

OP posts:
frenchfancy · 15/09/2011 17:07

I took up riding 2 years ago at 38. I'd never riden before, but my daughters interest, and the plan to eventually buy our own pony got me started.

I have an hour long lesson each week. I'm taking it slowly, lots of technical stuff and troting, but no cantering or jumping yet.

It is a bit like meditation for me, it is the only thing I do where my mind can't wonder to think of other things (work, children etc) because if I don't concentrate I'm sure I would fall off.

Mirage · 15/09/2011 20:41

soda, you must be fitter than you think!

It is my day off tomorrow,so I promise I'll ring and book myself in.I've got a few free afternoons coming up in the next few weeks so I've no excuse.We can compare aches and notes!Grin

soda1234 · 16/09/2011 15:01

Spoke a bit too soon. The ache started a bit later in the day.
Have you booked your lesson Mirage?

OP posts:
Mirage · 16/09/2011 20:16

No.Blush.I was full of good intentions but got sidetracked by possibly finding a loan pony for dd2.

I'm actually using one of those 'get set go free' vouchers,but the website won't send you the voucher until you've already booked your lesson,which seems a bit odd.I'll have to book far enough in advance to allow enough time for the voucher to arrive.

Mirage · 27/09/2011 19:51

Right,the deed is done-I've booked it.The instructor asked how long it was since I last rode properly-31 years.Blush.I'm not letting the dds go with me as I can't face them giving me advice and being better riders than me.

soda1234 · 28/09/2011 00:03

Well done Mirage! When is the lesson?

I popped back to update. Have now had two lessons and today went for a (45 min) hack. It was just on the roads,(country lanes) mainly walk with a few trots, but I loved it. Instructor says next time we can go through the woods etc

This is the reason I want to ride, so I can enjoy the countryside and the company, and eventually accompany dd.

I realise I need to continue with the lessons in the school,and have booked another, but I think I will alternate them with hacks as I enjoyed it so much today. A completely different perspective to either walking or driving the same route.

This could become addictive!

OP posts:
soda1234 · 28/09/2011 00:29

Forgot to say I got upgraded from the most obviously ploddy horse at the yard to the second most ploddy for lesson 2!
Must have impressed!
He is a lovely piebald cob, bombproof, but wants to eat, as I discovered on the hack today when my arms nearly came out of their sockets each time he saw grass. Must buy gloves. Have been riding in "jegging" type things, but think I will buy some decent jods .
Was very sore following 1st lesson, but was fine after 2nd, had sore bottom by the end of the hack today,but feel fine now, will see how it is tomorrow.
Have booked lesson for next week.
One advantage of being on horseback was that I spotted some fantastic sloe/bramble bushes, will be back with bags/boxes to harvest stuff whilst dd is riding at the weekend!

OP posts:
Mirage · 28/09/2011 11:55

Oh well done.You must be doing really well.Can you get a pair of grass reins for the greedy cob? We use them for dd2 and they are great.You are right about spotting stuff whilst on horseback,my friend loves it because she gets to see over everyone's hedges and have a good nose about.Grin

I'm going next Saturday.Dh has offered to buy me more lessons for my birthday,but we all know where that leadsWink.We've only had dpony 9 weeks and are already looking for another for dd2.I don't think dh would countenance 3,and after the farrier visit today,don't think I could afford 3.

Check ebay for jodhpurs.I got a brand new pair for £2.70 not long ago,and they were local,so no postage.

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