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Stallions of Substance - anyone seen them and what do you think?

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Callisto · 22/08/2011 09:48

I saw them perform at a local show recently and I thought they were really shite tbh. The horses are meant to be trained using natural horsemanship methods, but all I saw were three horses in socking great curb bits (and the horses had their mouths open in obvious discomfort whenever there was pressure put on the reins) and standing martingales that looked too tight, and the riders needed schooling whips to get them to do anything.

I was also unimpressed that one of the 'expert' riders was riding in shoes with no heel, and her lower leg position was so far forward that her toe was practically sticking out in front of her horse's shoulder. Also, there were attempts at half pass, passage, canter pirouette which were the worst I've ever seen and the riders seemed to have no idea of being on the correct canter lead or diagonal when riding fairly tight circles.

What does everyone else think?

OP posts:
SemperUbiSubUbi · 22/08/2011 14:38

Ive never heard of them before so just had a look on their website.

They do look pretty shit to be honest. None of them look anything more than a group of young girls messing around. They dont look professional at all. In fact they all look a bit of a mess, one of them is wearing 3/4 length leggings and white trainers. One of them is on a western saddle with english peacock safety stirrups. A lot of the horses, as you saw, have got their mouths open in discomfort and the whites of their eyes are very visible.

I was going to youtube them but I think Id rather go and do some washing. Grin

Lucyinthepie · 23/08/2011 10:08

Where does it say they are NH trained?
I agree, I'm somewhat underwhelmed.

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