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riding when pregnant - bit of a story sorry!

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galonthefarm · 19/08/2011 10:58

Just looking for a bit of advice and WWYD really!

Am 6 weeks pg with no. 2. DD is 18 months old now. I rode my old horse - 25 yo TB until I was 4.5 months ish but was sensible and didn't jump or hoon about on him - he was seriously quick! He retired last year as his back now resembles a hammock.

I "acquired" a lovely 7 yo TB ex-racer mare in March and had been riding 4ish times a week until a couple of weeks ago. Had done lots of hacking, cantering in big open spaces, bit of schooling and lesssons and jumping and she'd been very good and chilled. She'd been going so well I got her duded up and hacked her up to my local show for a bit of experience (that isn't really a local show - its quite big) we got there and predictably she was a little jumpy but managed to stand still at times in the in-hand class. Not placed but judge was complimentary. Anyway, I then thought I'd get on and ride her about a bit and then take her home. All she did was rear! I've not had a horse rear on me before (I have been riding for 25 years so would hope I've got experience but not of the rearing kind!) so came straight off!

I got straight back on (at this time didn't know I was pg) and asked someone to lead me around the showground, and unfortunately she reared again, on a slope, slipped and I came off again! This time I didn't bounce so well so ended up with St John's ambulance.. they said was ok but did end up in A&E that night when I got really dizzy, but hospital said I was fine (and did a pg test that was negative..)

Then pg test couple of days later that was positive! then lunged horse on to see how she was and she wasn't right over her back, so have had chiropractor out to fix her - and she's now ok to ride.. I am now planning to ride tonight/ this evening but am a little worried she may rear again, although she has never done anything like that apart from at the show. My instinct says it was just the occasion, and normally I would be fine - but being pg does make me worry a bit! Cos I'm so early I don't really want to discuss with too many people in RL but just want to see WWYD? I will of course wear a body protector when I get back on and will have someone with me. Can anyone else give me any tips ? This pg was also planned - bit quicker than thought though! - and I was planning to ride for as long as I felt comfortable!

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olderyetwider · 19/08/2011 11:41

Hopefully it was just the atmosphere at the show, or back pain which you've now had fixed. Do you have a school you could ride in? My usual advice also applies: stick a neckstrap on so you've got something to hang onto if she does go up

olderyetwider · 19/08/2011 11:43

And congratulations on yor pregnancy!

galonthefarm · 19/08/2011 13:43

Thanks olderyetwider! and yes will stick neckstrap on. Don't have a school unfortunately - do use a friend's school but its a mile's hack away, and i don't want to go too far on first time out again!!

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AlpinePony · 19/08/2011 16:05

OK, well tbh at 6 weeks you're not going to hurt the baby even if you do go arse over tit, but you might find your bottle goes much sooner than it would if you didn't know you were pregnant iyswim.

In your shoes I'd give it a shot but make sure I had a "spotter", you know, someone to pick up the pieces and phone the ambulance if needs be.

My mare goes batshit once a year or so and rears up - like you, I'd never had to deal with it before and it's terrifying. I just grab mane and don't budge an inch - there's bugger all you can do. Some people say to whack them on the poll - but seriously? Shock I wouldn't want to upset her anymore and I'm using both hands to stay on!

kayb123 · 20/08/2011 20:52

i rode 2 weeks before having my first two children and about 6/7 month with third as third was a loan tbxid, so didnt feel i could carry on due to not my horse and i didnt want to worry the owner. i was doing everything but jumping as dont like jumping, but i must admit i had owned the horse for years and could trust him 100%.
If the horse shows any signs/habbits that makes it more likely you could fall please dont risk it, does the horse rear on hacks or with company, prehaps take it easy hacking till your further and need to get someone in. i know you may not hurt you babe so early but with tender boobs you will def feel any fall/knock.

galonthefarm · 22/08/2011 09:52

thanks everyone - I rode last night. in quiet corner of field where we school sometimes, body protector, my mum as "spotter" as you say! Pony was absolutely fine, actually seems more forward going and loose since having back done (she can be a bit lazy sometimes!) walk trot and canter both reins, no signs of going up just pulled a bit in canter but came back to me easily. I think the rearing was to do with the show atmosphere rather than naughtiness..

kayb123 - she hasn't reared at all before and on hacks is generally better behaved than her 18 year old "babysitter"! hoping to hack today or tomorrow to get the fitness going again.
I feel much better for having ridden and the morning sickness seems to have abated a little today yey!

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