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To Buy or Not to Buy?

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Amieesmum · 19/07/2011 09:35

That is the question!

A few of you have already seen the threads, where i have been looking for a horse to share, I found one about a month ago, but he has been lame for a few weeks, due to a tendon injury, and his owner has now decided to sell, as she has been offered an eventer. I honestly think she has made the right choice, and she offered me first refusal, much as it broke my heart i had to turn her down, as if i was going to buy, i'd buy something different.

I've been doing him full loan for the last week or so, as she's on holiday, as he's on box rest, i've been doing everything (getting up to muck out before the school run etc etc)

I made the choice that the next horse i get will be full loan i think, i loved sharing, but it's just not enough for me. I'd like to get at least one winter out the way before i really commit to buying. BUT i'm really struggling to find something to loan. I understand people don't want their horse to move yards, it's their baby after all, but there is just nothing at all closer to home about at the moment.

The really daft part of me is saying just go buy your self a freshly backed youngster and do the rest yourself.
even the sane part says i might as well burn 20 pound notes no matter what i do, so just go for it!

I've got about 1500 to play with, plus some more for tack, what do you think, should i sit it out for a winter, and save a little more? Or throw caution to the wind and just go for it!

OP posts:
frostyfingers · 19/07/2011 09:45

Well I think that if you are careful and take your time, you will find something for that price - there seem to be a lot of horses about BUT don't rush it. It is possible more will be available towards the winter anyway. Take someone with you so that you don't just fall in love and miss any possible drawbacks. Bear in mind likely costs over the winter too....which is why some people may be selling. Word of mouth is good too - let people know you are looking and do lots of research, don't be afraid to say no if you try a horse and it's not right for you. A decent seller will let you take your time as long as you are open and honest about what you are looking for.

Callisto · 19/07/2011 12:58

I think you will easily find something for £1500 - have you thought of a TB ex-racehorse or failed racehorse? We often get them in for re-schooling to turn them into riding horses and they tend to be cheap as chips.

I do think that there will be lots of horses on the market come the winter - but this is because hay and bedding is in short supply and going to be very expensive this year so it is a bit of a double-edged sword.

Amieesmum · 19/07/2011 13:57

I'm quite lucky, that my parents live on a farm, so i've put in an order for hay & straw already (presumptious i know) at 3.45 for hay & 1.50 for straw, lets hope i don't get something that needs shavings lol! I have bought horses before, and have worked out all costs, all seems within my range if i cut out a holiday here and there. I've been advised to wait untill sept/ oct time to buy as there will be more on the market.

I'd love an ex race horse, but they do need lots of TLC, the boy i'm sharing now is one, but he's just so fragile (currently lame from a tendon injury) Ideally i'd like to find one on perm loan from some one rather than buy. Only thing is i'm just over the weight limit they'd usually re-home ex race horses too.

I knew this would happen when i got back into the horsing world dammit!

OP posts:
Callisto · 19/07/2011 14:29

Gosh, you're lucky with those prices (very jealous). I am amazed that there is an upper weight limit, chasers carry lots of weight and can go on to become brilliant hunters etc.

If you do decide to buy it may be worth contacting some jump racing stables in your area. Quite often the horses with little or no aptitude for racing only run once or twice if that, so leg injuries should be less of a problem. Where abouts are you? The yard where I ride out often has horses like this coming in to be sold.

Otherwise, if you're confident, get down to the local sales maybe? But go with a friend who won't let you buy a three-legged donkey, just because it looks cute... Grin

Amieesmum · 19/07/2011 14:35

See i thought about the sales, i've never done it before, but been to a few. Whats the status quo on vetting and things? I'd want to get 5 ideally on anything i look to buy, 2 minimum!

I'm on the northants/bedfordshire border.

The the owner of the horse i share, has offered to come with me to have a look at a few where she's got hers from.

There's normally a weight limit of 12 stone, and with my riding gear i'm a little over that at 13

OP posts:
frostyfingers · 19/07/2011 14:57

Have a look at these - Greatwood Caring for Retired Racehorses; HEROS; Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre; Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre; Darley.

I haven't used them, and wasn't aware of any weight limit however it may be worth asking them as a starting point. Not all ex racehorses are "broken", mine was just too slow - 11 runs and he only beat 1 home! He also jumped too slowly which is perfect for me....and he's certainly fast enough for what I want!

We are local to a major sales place here but I'm not confident enough to buy from them as the history can be a bit vague, however I know of people who have done well from them. If you are prepared to bring on a youngster I think you'd get a bargain but as ever it can be risky. I'd probably also end up rescuing lots which wouldn't be good for the pocket!

Disasterpiece · 19/07/2011 16:01

Sorry if Ive missed it but what do you want to actually do with a horse when you get one?

Schooling, hacking, showing, hunting, ODE, dressage, X country ???

What you plan to do will determine what kind of horse you need to be looking at.

How tall are you? What size horse do you want?

Amieesmum · 19/07/2011 17:58

i'm 5'11 - and 13st

I'd like to do Schooling, SJ, XC maybe a little dressage thrown in, hunting is a bit fast faced for me, but wouldn't say no outright. Mainly at local & county level, possibly to affiliate later on.

I'm ideally looking for something about 16'3 upwards, the bigger the better. I'm not overly fussed breed wise, ideally i'd love to find myself another young wonder cob kind of thing, my last horses (owned) were a welsh sec D, 15'2 & a TBx Appaloosa 16hh (i was slimmer back then though) one was 6 and the other 3 when i bought them. Hence i'd like something young with potential.

OP posts:
Callisto · 20/07/2011 08:26

I think that an ex-chaser/failed racehorse would be ideal. TBs can do anything and are probably the most versatile breed in the world, though I am biased. You can get huge ones too - we have a 17hh pointer who is anyones ride.

The yard I ride at is in the Cotswolds so if it isn't too far away PM me and I'll put you in touch with the yard owner.

Callisto · 20/07/2011 08:27

And I can understand the 12st rule for skinny flat horses, but it sounds barmy for NH horses.

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 21/07/2011 21:34

You can come and ride my traditional shetland if you like?! She could easily carry that weight! Mind you, your feet might drag on the floor! Confused Its mad, but quite believable that a TB couldnt carry 13 stone, they can be a bit flimsy! Grin
Seriously though, ex racers ar lovely.

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