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Dd's show dilemma!

11 replies

seeker · 18/07/2011 12:28

Riding Club Pony - where she always does well, or a leap (!) into the unknown and do 2'9 jumping. Can't do both - you have to be a pony for one and a horse for the other and porse/hony is 14.3!

OP posts:
Tchootnika · 18/07/2011 14:15

2'9", definitely:
a) Best to keep moving forward;
b) She's a horse!
(I know the dilemma: we used to have a tiny little 14.2 thing with high whithers... wouldn't have dared trying to pass her off as 13.3, which is really what she should have been!)

Disasterpiece · 18/07/2011 14:33

14.3hh is a horse so she cant do the riding pony anyway.

seeker · 18/07/2011 14:50

She is just a horse - and at this particular club's shows if you're 14.3 and the rider is under 16 you can decide which way to go. Previously, dd has declared her as a pony - which has barred her from the more "serious" jumping but has allowed her to do things like the "Pairs" and Horse and Groom". I think she'll go 2'9 and reconcile herself to rosette-less-ness!

OP posts:
Disasterpiece · 18/07/2011 16:05

Doesnt matter if she doesnt get a rosette as long as shes enjoying herself.

How old is she? What would she rather do?

Actually just looked at your profile and saw her jumping her grey pony? I personally think she should go for the 2'9 jumping! Grin

Tchootnika · 18/07/2011 17:47

2'9" should be fine, surely?
And better miss on rosettes once in a while if she's in fact progressing?

seeker · 18/07/2011 18:07

Absolutely - se's not a pot hunter. I was joking about the rosette!

OP posts:
seeker · 18/07/2011 18:11

She's always loved doing riding club pony though because it gives her the chance to show off the nag - she's very good at that to sort of thing and dd loves the chance to keep her steady and collected and sensible while all around her all the little Thellwell look alikes are going bonkers!

OP posts:
Tchootnika · 18/07/2011 18:12

It's OK, seeker Grin

It took a lot to even suggest the possibility of foregoing a rosette, tbh - I still have to fight my long-entrenched rosette-greed! Wink

seeker · 19/07/2011 09:29

There's always the clear round! LOVELY frilly rosettes they give for that round here!

OP posts:
seeker · 22/07/2011 08:58

She's going for 2'9 and Riding Club Horse. She's going to look soooooooooo little!

OP posts:
seeker · 23/07/2011 16:09

Anyone else got a show tomorrow?

OP posts:
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