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Royal Welsh online.

15 replies

Disasterpiece · 18/07/2011 11:13

I have just been watching the Royal Welsh show online here and thought Id share the link if anyone is interested.

OP posts:
Pixel · 18/07/2011 16:36

Thanks, am watching now, wish I knew more than 4 words of welsh. Grin

Shame my sister has gone back to work today after her holiday, she'd have loved this as she has always had welshies and her current one did well at the Royal in his far-off youth. Do you know what time it finishes?

Disasterpiece · 18/07/2011 19:16

Sorry dont know much about it, I was watching the ride judge on the Sec C stallions earlier. Jeez they can gallop! Grin

OP posts:
annieapple7 · 18/07/2011 22:14

I was there today it is a fab show. I watched the ridden cobs and blimey they were fat - bellies wobbling as they trotted round (like me then). Cobs shouldn't be that fat surely - their bottoms were like apples - isn't that risking laminitis I wonder?
I am of course used to sleek thoroughbreds Grin

BathildaSaggshot · 18/07/2011 23:10

Unfortunately, in the showing world, being overweight is fashionable. There is however, a strong movement in protest againt this, and many campaigners. It will just take time and pressure to change things.

Pixel · 18/07/2011 23:17

I blame the judges, they could stop it overnight if they just stopped placing obese horses.

Disasterpiece · 18/07/2011 23:18

They are all fat. The show ponies, the welshies, the hunters, workers, cobs everything! All way too much weight on them.

As Saggy says, its become fashionable to have them overweight to hide the fact they havent got any proper muscle. Instead of building up their muscles through their neck, back and bottom through proper work they over feed them and whack a curb rein on.


OP posts:
Disasterpiece · 18/07/2011 23:20

I agree Pixel

OP posts:
BathildaSaggshot · 18/07/2011 23:33

A good layer of fat hides a multitude of sins! And a nice blubbery crest makes you look like you are on the bit! Confused

Disasterpiece · 18/07/2011 23:45

Its horrible when you see these little Sec.A LR ponies that look more like thellwell ponies Grin

OP posts:
Disasterpiece · 19/07/2011 16:32

Anyone watching the main ring live now?

Just wondering ... The class thats in now looks like a championship but they have over 100 in there BUT theres mares, broodmares, foals, yearlings, youngstock, geldings and stallions all in the same ring.

So far Ive seen Welsh A,B,Cs

Theres not a calm horse in there.

Oh and now theyve got ridden horses in there too so I take it its supreme of show or something but is it safe to have so many in the ring? They are all going crazy!

OP posts:
Disasterpiece · 19/07/2011 16:34

A few Hackneys have just left the ring. Dont blame them.

OP posts:
Pixel · 19/07/2011 18:57

Ooh shame I missed it, I had to go shopping for teacher pressies. The only bits I managed to see yesterday were some pony club teams careering round the main arena with most on the verge of bolting. Then when I looked again there were some hunters cantering sideways and bucking. Just as I said to dh "Is there anyone under control at this show?" a loose horse galloped past the camera with stirrups flying. Grin

QuietTiger · 19/07/2011 19:29

Went to the Royal Welsh today - it was fabulous. We saw the display by Jean Francois Pignon - even my hard farmer DH was blown away! It was quite simply stunning.

JemimaMuddledUp · 19/07/2011 19:36

If you click on the S on an S4C programme online it will give English subtitles.

Highlight programmes [ here] with subtitles, BBC Wales highlight programme here in English

JemimaMuddledUp · 19/07/2011 19:37

Sorry, S4C link

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