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Dd1 has a question about horses bottoms

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DooinMeCleanin · 29/06/2011 15:06


Her friend has told her you must wipe a horses bottom after it has poo'd to stop flies bothering it.

I told her that horses have swishy tails to keep the flies away and you must wash and groom them to keep them clean and healthy, just like our dogs, but you not need to wipe their bottoms after toiletting. She doesn't beleive me.

I am right, aren't I?

OP posts:
OTheHugeManatee · 29/06/2011 15:15

I think if you tried to wipe a horse's bum you'd probably get a swift hoof in the groin Hmm

They've got perfectly good swishy tails to keep flies away Grin

Butkin · 29/06/2011 15:22

Of course you're right! If she is a doubter ask her who she thinks wipes their bottoms in the wild!

Her friend is correct that if they get a cut then best to wash it with antiseptic and then put fly spray around the wound to keep them off it.

Disasterpiece · 29/06/2011 16:22

If they have a good healthy diet, then when they poo there shouldnt be anything to wipe iykwim.

So there wouldnt be anything to attract flies.

Only time I ever wash a horses bottom is if they are in season and are making a bit of a mess.

washing willies is a whole other thing! Grin

DooinMeCleanin · 29/06/2011 16:24

Washing willies? I thought dogs were bad enough rolling in undesirable substances. I'm never getting a horse Grin

She still thinks her friend is right because she has horses and we don't. Wild horses wipe their own bums on trees Hmm

OP posts:
loveulotslikejellytots · 29/06/2011 16:26

I used to wash my little Welsh's bum, but he was very old and had a permanent runny bum for the last 6 months of his life bless him.

Yeah, you have to wash their willies, get all the cornflakes off!! Try doing that without getting kicked in the face!

Disasterpiece · 29/06/2011 16:45

DooinMeCleanin Eeeek! Imagine wiping your bum on a tree trunk! What does her friend wipe her horses bum with? Andrex triple quilted? Grin

loveulotslikejellytots Grin at cornflakes! Yeah you either get booted in the head or they actually enjoy. a little bit too much. Blush

DooinMeCleanin · 29/06/2011 16:47

Definitely no horses for us. I used to have wipe my cats bum when he was a kitten. I used cat wipes. Maybe the friend buys giant cat wipes Grin. I will get dd1 to ask her.
OP posts:
PlanetEarth · 29/06/2011 17:23

Depends on the horse I'd say! Mine gets a bit of a dirty bum when the grass is lush, but most of my friends' horses don't. The flies don't seem attracted to it (it's under his tail after all) but it does seem to be itchy for him as he tries to scratch it, so I wash his bum if it's dirty when I bring him in.

SoloAgainItSeems · 29/06/2011 17:27


LordOfTheFlies · 01/07/2011 00:21

One of my mates had a gelding and she was adviced to put Vaseline on his willie to stop it getting bunged up.
Almost makes it worth putting up with diva-style mare seasons!

Booboostoo · 01/07/2011 07:05

Since horses poo 12 to 24 times a day, the friend must be busily getting through a few hundreds of packets of toilet paper a week!!! Grin

Tchootnika · 01/07/2011 17:05

Hmmm - both right up to a point:
Obviously horses don't want their bums wiped everytime time they have a crap. Nevertheless, sometimes they produce a really runny one which goes down back of legs (can also happen if they poo whilst on the move), and a quick wipe with a damp sponge is needed to stay all smart and sparkling.
Horses wiping their bums on trees sounds a bit odd - more likely they're scratching general haunches area (i.e. not equivalent to e.g. dogs dragging their arses across the ground).

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