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what is the name of that horse that is the only one to have a rank in the army ?

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OnEdge · 11/06/2011 21:07

Just watching trooping of the colour with my Mum and I am trying to tell her about it, but I can't find anything on line. What is his name? I know he's huge and black Confused

OP posts:
Mirage · 11/06/2011 21:12

Will ask my neighbour about him.All the regimental horses are trained just down the road from us,someone will know.

arfanarf · 12/06/2011 18:36

Do you mean Burmese ?
Don't know about him having a rank in the army though, thought that was the drum horse, but I may be wrong there.

arfanarf · 12/06/2011 18:41

Yes, apparently they are assigned the rank of major when on parade, a bit of info here

It's funny the bits of trivia that your brain holds onto, isn't it.

frostyfingers · 13/06/2011 08:51

Yes, it's the drum horses. When Clare B was doing her bit in the stables she mentioned one they have in training - he's 20hh - imagine the vertigo!

dadof2ofthem · 19/06/2011 17:21

the slightly nutty roman emporer caligula, made his horse, incitatus, a senator!

Disasterpiece · 19/06/2011 20:02

I missed this program, was in front of Buckingham palace that morning but didnt realise what was going on and had a hungry toddler to sort out. bummer.

Could somebody link me to the iPlayer?

Eve · 19/06/2011 20:12

Is it Digger? He's the 20h drum horse, my kids & I met him when we went on tour of the calavary stables.

He is HUGE!!!!!

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