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hi im new been riding for 16 years

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maybells · 26/05/2011 12:03

hi im new ive been riding for 16 years ran my own livery business b4 i had my son. i have 2 mares both grey one 14.2 con x tb and one reg welsh mountain pony they are 26 and 25. i still ride my 14.2 but hardly ever get the time. my pony is retired due to laminitis and pedal bone rotation.
what horses ponies do u have? do u have oldies? and do u still ride them?

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elephantpoo · 26/05/2011 13:57

Hi maybells

Oooh-I love talking about My Dpony (I've bored everybody I know in RL....thank heavens for MN Grin)
I've got a chocolate dun and white, Welsh cob x gelding. He's 14.1 (or maybe 2) and just turned 6. I backed him myself 13 weeks ago and he's a superstar (smile) I got him for my 30th from DH, as I've always wanted a pony that I've "done" myself and then to keep it forever.
DD has a 12.2 Reg Dartmoor. He's bay and nearly 7. DD loves him to bits. If we need to pop to the yard after school, she can be found talking to / cuddling her pony Smile
Is the livery something you can go back to when your son is older?
TB x Con sounds like a nice cross. What have you done with her in the past?

maybells · 26/05/2011 14:06

livery is easy 2 go back 2 but money is rubbish and perks arent very good working from 7 till 6 no lunch break 365 days a year and in the winter i had 25 plus horses on full livery. i love my conne x shes fantastic ive had her for 15 yrs now have done working hunter showing, x country and hunting. we arent the posh type we like 2 gallop around in the mud and jump over things lol. she has a tendon injury from years ago so her age we cnt do much but happy hack, but im find with that as long as she still wants 2 keep working we will.
my son adores the smaller pony shes an old pro she loves kids but is not keen on adults espeacially men as she was badly abused b4 we bought her. she had been thru horse markets beaten and abused, the top of her ear is missing we dnt know how. i think she feels safe with kids my son is 18 mnths old and goes under her belly hanging off her tail and she completely ignores him.
id love a youngster 2 bring on myself i had a youngster a few years bk that we backed but she was a loon and ended up selling her. what do u plan 2 do with ur cob he sounds lovely.

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MitchiestInge · 26/05/2011 21:56

hello, welcome :) I was thinking con x tb sounded interesting too

at moment, but only for another week or so, have 9yo black dartmoor (on loan) he is dinky, 11hh ish. Will miss him but am moving and he can't come with us

also have 8 (9?) yo skewbald (blue roan and white usually, sometimes pink) 13.2 gelding, has NF passport and feels like one but is feathery like a cob. Was for my daughter but is really only suited to competent adult riders, rodeos a bit too much

and absolute love of my life, 15.2 gelding, brown, about 18, jumps anything ( sideways) - he is quite newfy too, just overgrown. He is great fun, just nuts enough when you want it, but put a child on him in the school and he will carry them very carefully. Love him, want to marry him!

maybells · 26/05/2011 22:05

my con x has a the yetti coat in the winter and shes a tough old bird but she has thorough bred legs ie the bad tendon. she is bomb proof i trust her 100% she used 2 be a rite plod the she turned 20 had a mid life crisis and decided everything had 2 be done at 100 mph. she has a real character shes done me so well over the years if i cud buy her all over again i wud. it will be a very sad day the day shes retired.
id luv 2 get a new bigger youngster just cnt afford it and wudnt be able 2 give it the time having an 18 mnth old. u always find one horse who is perfect, i dnt think u cud explain the luv for horses unless uve had 1!

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