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Pony on loan

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molliemol · 26/04/2011 19:44

We are thinking of getting a pony on loan for our 11 yr old daughter. We already have two ponies- one retired veteran, and a youngster, recently backed- section A, so too small for older daughter. Can anyone think of any hazards with regards loaning a pony? We are not in any rush, as want to make sure all is right before we make any decisions.

OP posts:
Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 26/04/2011 21:52

Well it's not your pony for a start. This can be a double edged sword. Good because when it's outgrown you can give it back, bad because it can be taken back at the owners discretion. I like the idea, in theory. So far we have all 3 of our small ponies still, we own them all, and I'm in the opposite position of wanting to loan one out. I like the idea of having ultimate responsibility for them. Obviously, from your point of view you will always be answerable to the owner. Make sure you have a clear written agreement stating who has responsibility for what.

MitchiestInge · 27/04/2011 09:51

I see it as pretty much taking on all the day to day responsibilities while the owners retain ultimate rights which, as saggy says, they can assert at any time - it's also a little bit scary (have one on full permanent loan) especially when, as in our case, the pony is the absolute darling and apple of his family's eye. I worry about big things (colic, laminitis, injuries) and tiny things (subtle imagined possible future behavioural changes) that might happen in a more pronounced way than I do with my own horses. Practically and logically though it is no different from caring for mine, except I do so in accordance with the owners' preferences rather than making changes that are more in line with my way of doing things.

On other hand I have sharers for my own two, which is a sort of part loan, and I reassure myself that most people are probably more reasonable than me and will be happy that someone is lavishing time and attention, that Really Bad Things can't always be thoroughly planned for and might never happen and if they do they do.

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 27/04/2011 09:58

Just make sure the pony is insured for its full value by yourself. That way, if the worst happens, you are covered and the owner gets their compensation. Not nice to think about, but important all the same.

MitchiestInge · 27/04/2011 10:04

I still like your simple summing up Saggy, 'you break it you fix it', which covers many eventualities! :)

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 27/04/2011 10:21

Grin Got someone coming to look at the little one this afternoon. Hope they like her after her impromptu haircut the other day! (pony, scissors,unattended 8yo! Doh!)

MitchiestInge · 27/04/2011 10:26

How could they not? I was smitten, unfortunately we are in the field that separates the stallions and colts from one another so it would have been a bit mad - not really built for babies is she! Will keep fingers crossed.

But how bad is the haircut? Did you laugh or cry?

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 27/04/2011 11:05

Pissed my pants! She looks one of the Pointer Sisters! Grin

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