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The tack room


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MitchiestInge · 08/04/2011 10:48

Can someone initiate me? Do you have to register, have bspa passport etc to do their shows and classes? Is it horrifically expensive?

I suppose I could phone them but I feel silly. Can't believe nobody at my yard knows but they don't really 'do' coloureds. Think this might be something we can do with the skewbald (if I can refrain from dyeing him pink of course) as he did so well on his first outing.

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Butkin · 11/04/2011 16:12

Mitchy - you don't need to call because they have an excellent website which has everything you need to know and download.

Can't really help further as we don't "do" coloureds either! (did like a skewbald racing pony at Fakenham yesterday though...)

MitchiestInge · 11/04/2011 18:26

Ah yes, was not most iPhone friendly site but can have a look on computer :)

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