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The tack room


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ManateeEquineOhara · 22/03/2011 19:46

Following the Falabella thread...I have just found these videos and thought I would share... :)

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elephantpoo · 23/03/2011 09:44

That's amazing!
Not sure who was leading who in the second one Wink............cheeky little chap.
That horse was great, and thoroughly enjoyed it too judging by the little exhuberant bucks every now and again Grin
Thanks for that. That made me smile Smile

Callisto · 23/03/2011 11:14

So sweet. I'm very tempted to do this with DD's pony now.

ManateeEquineOhara · 25/03/2011 07:38

I knooow, I would love to have a school to set up a little course like that!

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