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Do we need another pony?

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olderyetwider · 21/03/2011 12:55

GD (tall 11 year old) is getting just a little tall on her pony (just short of 14hh anglo arab type), but she weighs nothing, so I had hoped to keep her on him this year, as he's so perfect for her, and look for a 14.2 Connemara or similar next year.

The problem is, I noticed a bit of stiffness in one hind leg yesterday. It might just be something minor, so am resting him. He'll be 18 in May, he's otherwise in really good health, and fit, and has been sound ever since a mild bout of laminitis last May. He's been as 'up for it' as ever and seems to still love jumping and faster work.

I'm just wondering whether he might be starting to feel his age. GD has come on hugely since she's had him, and enjoys all pony club activities, did senior camp last year, and looking forward to it this year. She's also looking forward to competing again this year, and is ready for bigger jumps etc.

I'm wondering whether we've reached the stage with Ben and GD where she wants to do more, at the stage in his life where he wants to take it a bit easier if you see what I mean.

I'll see how it goes after a rest, and get the vet in if he still sems stiff, but I do wonder whether I should offer Ben on loan/part loan to a younger child (to stay where he is, as couldn't part with him), and bring forward the search for next pony?

Sorry to ramble on a bit, and I know I'm jumping the gun a bit! What do you all think? I was banking on having a year to save up, having just bought myself a lovely pony!

OP posts:
SupersonicDave · 21/03/2011 16:18

It is a difficult one really. At 11 your DD is unlikely to have the strength to control a horse, yet if she is outgrowing the pony and his capabilities then the logical next step is to look to the next stage 9which would realistically be a horse).

My gut feeling would be to keep her on him for another year (providing he is sound enough for the job) and let her enjoy him. It may mean she is 'treading water' with her riding learning and experience, but is likely to help with her confidence and strength so by next year she is ready for the next one Smile I hope that helps Smile

ManateeEquineOhara · 22/03/2011 07:38

I would say in terms of size that she is fine.

In terms of the pony being stiff, there are various things you can do. My 17 year old ID was arthritic (or possible EPSM). After various trials of what worked best for him he now lives out all the time, and is on codlivine. I figured out quite quickly that for him, stabling made him stiff, but the best supplement took a while to figure out. He is now in a new home as I had to sell him due to finances, but she has never seen any hint of stiffness in the months she has had him, with him living out 24/7 and on codlivine.

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