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Woohoo - going riding one handed for the first time !

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CMOTdibbler · 16/03/2011 09:45

Haven't been back on a horse since hitting the deck in August and trashing my hand. But am visiting friends at the weekend, and when she was booking the kids in for a ride she mentioned my hand, and they have a (apparently impeccably mannered) former polo pony who neck reins, so I am going out on him !

Can't wait - once I've got the hang of it, at least I can teach another horse. But one of us needs to know what we are doing I think

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olderyetwider · 16/03/2011 11:28

God CMOT, what a long haul! Hope it goes well, you'll look very cool and professional when you've got the hang of it

AlpinePony · 16/03/2011 12:28

I neck-rein with my mare sometimes. I think it helps that I've done the Monty Roberts/Kelly Marks stuff with her so she's very open to the lightest touch and suggestion.

LowRegNumber · 16/03/2011 19:15

Ours neck rein (they have mostly all been trained for polo-crosse), it is a great thing - I have a little soap box about teaching all horses to do it Grin Am in the process of teaching new horse how... it is not actually that easy lol!

Anyway, how great for you! Bet it will be quite something to be back in teh saddle for you! Can't wait to hear all about it!

CMOTdibbler · 17/03/2011 16:41

DH has just presented me with some lovely new jods to celebrate too .

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AlpinePony · 17/03/2011 17:45

Yay for new jods! Grin

Pixel · 17/03/2011 19:16

All our ponies used to neck rein, great for gymkhana and opening gates! I've had a go at teaching dhorse but he seems to be a bit dim...

But then again it could be me. Grin

Ooh new jods, lovely! I need new ones but I refuse to get them until I've lost some weight as I want to get cream ones instead of always having 'slimming' (ha ha) black/brown etc.

Hope you have a great time. Smile

Loshad · 17/03/2011 23:10

have loads of fun CMOT, new jods sound good. Managed to teach a dpony once to neck rein but know that current dHorse is too slow on the uptake

CMOTdibbler · 20/03/2011 21:36

It was bloomin brilliant Grin. No problems at all steering, although my balance in trot is a bit shot, so need to work on reestablishing it with where bad arm will be now. I've been smiling ever since !

So now I know I can do it (and get on and off which worried me a little), I need to find a regular ride !

Any top tips on teaching neck reining ?

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MitchiestInge · 20/03/2011 21:38

No tips but well done! What is main difference between neck reining and just bridging reins to use with one hand?

CMOTdibbler · 21/03/2011 09:19

Neck reining, you apply pressure/contact on their neck to turn, rather than on the bit.

I felt really glam as the horse was so responsive I could do amazing tight turns and a v impressive rein back

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MitchiestInge · 21/03/2011 11:00

is it a case of every cloud having a silver lining? It does all sound very impressive. Have you still got Ben?

CMOTdibbler · 21/03/2011 11:29

Well, it was nice to get back on for the first time and feel like things were going to be OK, but now is the hard part of translating this into a horse that doesn't just know how to do things.

Had to give up my share of Ben - it wasn't fair on him, and I'm not able to be independant with a horse atm. Can get Donny (ds's pony) tacked up on my own, but cant' even get a head collar on anyone big on my own.

Donny is being such a good pony btw, and has made a big difference to us as a family

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