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would you clear ragwort (with gloves on) whilst pregnant?

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GothMummy · 09/03/2011 12:49


ragwort rosettes have started to appear in my horses paddock again this year. I was all set to get the rag fork out and start clearing this weekend, but does anyone know if am I at extra risk handling this plant whilst pregnant, or should I pay someone else to do it this year, is it an risk to the baby? Obviously I wear gloves and long sleeved tops whilst clearing ragwort.

I have heard of people getting ill through skin contact with ragwort you see...


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ragged · 09/03/2011 19:31

From what I read here it sounds like it's nothign worse than a mild skin rash that ragwort sometimes causes.

Lucyinthepie · 10/03/2011 09:06

Ragwort can be absorbed through our skin and long-term cause liver damage. That's some info for people like me who spent hours in their youth pulling massive stalks of ragwort by hand...
I think anyone would hesitate to advise you on this categorically, but personally, if pregnant, I'd take the same precautions to avoid skin contact as I do normally.

GothMummy · 10/03/2011 11:26

Lucyinthepie - I used to pull it out with bare hands when a teenager too. Now I wear rubber gloves and long sleeves... we didnt know the risks back then.

thanks for your replies :)

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