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Pony Day

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FlorenceMattell · 24/02/2011 17:44

I know nothing about horses. Hense question.
DD7 just did first Pony Day with friend.
She had riden once before at a birthday party. She had two rides in the day. She says she was nervous about getting on in morning but got on and rode round, some one was with her. But in the afternoon despite crying, she got on, but this time had to stand up in the saddle. (excuse my termiology). Am I right to be miffed they made her do too much too soon. Or am I being silly. Doesnt realy matter as I dont want her to do riding. And am not going to complain. But she was keen before (had enjoyed birthday party) and is now completly put off. btw usually tends too jump right into things.
Also must admit put of in the morning when the girl who gave her the hat made no attempt to see if it fitted. And when I explained we knew nothing about fitting hats still didnt help. I just fitted it as I would a bicycle helmet. Friends daughter rides regualry there, so felt I was probably worry too much when I left her.

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notanewmember · 24/02/2011 18:06

hm, I think on the ponydays my dc went to, all children had been riding before (some more, some less). I wouldn't have booked dc in if they hadn't done any proper riding before to see if they actualy liked it.

FlorenceMattell · 24/02/2011 18:11

ah maybe I shouldnt have booked her in. But day is advertised for all abilities and school knew she hadnt riden before. Have friends thinking of doing similar day. Will tell them not to do so but have private lesson a better thing. Thank you for advice.

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notanewmember · 24/02/2011 20:29

I think the all ability thing is more like dc2, 6 y old 6 months riding and dc1 10y old 3 y experience.
Be glad she doesn't like it. My dc3 has now expressed in interest in ponyriding....(weekly amount I pay them is , uh, too much to think about)

Shirleywhirly · 24/02/2011 20:31

Why do you not want her to " do riding "?

FlorenceMattell · 25/02/2011 08:45

I would let her do riding if very keen. After birthday 30 min lesson, she was very keen. But now not keen , as I think she probably did too much too soon. But cost is main reason I would not encourage it. Also we would never have time for own Pony and live in a city. Probably a Pony Day was too much for a beginner - hadn't realised that.

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