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Horsebox thoughts

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Butkin · 23/02/2011 15:48

Just been to see a company that specialises in building horsesboxes. We're going to have a box made to our specifications and put onto an old ('53) chassis.

We're new to this having always had an Ifor Williams trailer in the past although of course we've seen dozens of other peoples boxes over the years.

Anybody been in the same situation as us that may have any cautionery tales to warn us about?

At the moment we've told them we need a week to put work out what we need in the living and horse area - particularly as we only want a 2 stall box but nice living that sleeps the 3 of us.

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MitchiestInge · 23/02/2011 18:06

Does this mean trailer for sale?

Butkin · 23/02/2011 18:54

Yes trailer will be for sale (will not be expensive) but not until horsebox arrives and this may not be until May. Will keep you informed.

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MitchiestInge · 23/02/2011 19:08

I'd appreciate that, thanks :)

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 25/02/2011 01:34

Removable breast bars are a must. There are WAAAY to many stories at the moment of horses ending up stuck. If you are going to herring bone, nice solid doors that go all the way down to the floor. I like horses travelling backwards myself, they are able to brace themselves on their hindquarters. The best lorry I've seen belongs to a friend who has solid doors floor to ceiling with thick wire mesh set into them for ventilation and light. They are adjustable, but in general, she has them set so that the small ponies she travels have room to turn around. She travels them loose and they decide how they want to stand. Because the doors go floor to ceiling, they are fully contained an cant do themselves any mischief. She still has plenty of room for living, although it's not fitted out, she doesn't want it, so if she needs it, the living end could be used as another stall.

Butkin · 25/02/2011 12:19

Thanks for your advice Saggy.

We'll be going herringbone and we're planning to ask the builders to put a removable (pinned) board down the front of the partitions so that we can get through to feed/tack up but the ponies can't duck under the front of the partition. We've seen loads do this - especially if one of their friends is being unloaded and they try to follow.

However we'll just have normal movable partitions rather than going to the ceiling.

We don't plan to travel ours loose. I've seen it done but plan to have them tied up normally. Not sure about the short bungee cords for tying up that are so popular. Need to give them some thought.

We're not keen on facing backwards. My cob hated it the only time we did this and ended up with his feet braced on the ramp (ie the side). I work in Newmarket and have spoken to some professional shipping agencies about this and they say they would never buy a rear facing wagon as would not be popular commercially and they think it is a bit of an urban myth. Haven't studied any stats on this but they ship hundreds of horses thousands of miles every week so tend to know what they are talking about.

The things we're struggling with tend to revolve round the living. We've decided against external tack lockers as they take up pony space on a small lorry. We're considering what we need to run off leisure batteries and think we're going to go against a fridge etc. May buy a 12 volt TV (popular with DD) and just need to think about how the power points will be isolated.

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kirrinIsland · 25/02/2011 13:32

Hi, I spend weekends away in my horsebox but being both poor and because I generally drive alone I've gone for a small lorry with no living. I have however got a shower and a fridge and consider both to be essential. The shower was fitted in the horse area - the water heater goes on the wall above the horses bums, with the pipes behind the wall lining, and the shower head can be removed when travelling. I also have a 3 way fridge (stand alone) so I plug it into the mains to cool it down, and then use ice packs to keep it cool when travelling, I can then switch it over to the gas supply once I get to the tournament. My main priority has always been storage - I like to be able to have everything I need stored properly on the lorry so that when it comes to going away I just need to add tack, feed, and water, clothes etc for me and, of course, my horse! Hope this helps.

olderyetwider · 25/02/2011 14:06

Ooh, what a fantastic project! I am green with envy. Would love any sort of lorry (or even our own trailer) but will have to stop buying horses and become more ambitious at work to afford one.

I'd get DD her telly, and have a fridge so you have cold beers to celebrate successes, and a coffee machine for mornings, then loads of storage.

annieapple7 · 25/02/2011 21:00

I ammad envious Butkin - how fabulous! I always love to look at the snoot horseboxes at Badminton Horse Trials and fantasise about which one I'd get if I won the lottery. I would look at the specifications of new boxes to give you ideas.
And I may also be interested in the trailer if you are not too far away from me in South Wales...

mummydoc · 25/02/2011 21:50

yard owner had one made - plasma tv built into wall with dvd player and sky - very important when it is tipping it down and cold outside and you need to keep dd clean and dry and warm, plus allow enought space for decent sized shower and ensure good plumbing for loo ( that was her advice when i asked her)

i hae just towed home my first ( second hand ) ivor trailer - sooooo excited , feel doing it all properly now

Butkin · 26/02/2011 09:33

Sorry annie we're near Newmarket. This won't be a snooty horsebox - been quoted 18,000 for it ready to go although we'd have to buy TV etc on top of course.

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Butkin · 26/02/2011 09:34

We're not going for shower and probably not loo. They add massively to the weight which could cause hassles. We will only stay away maybe once or twice a year (BSPS Summer Champs/Equifest) - normally we just go to shows within 100 mile radius and commute.

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