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Help! Shetlands ..

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scatterbee · 16/01/2011 16:44

Im not normally found in the tack room, but i have a massive problem.

Ive just gained by default some shetlands. A 10year oldish mare and her 2.5 year old filly.

My mate impluse brought them and i have had them in my stable since last weekend. She was in a in a car crash on Thursday and is in a coma. Its not looking overly hopeful about her coming round any time soon, and even if she does she is looking at a substantial recovery time, so what do i do with the shetlands?

I have no grazing, only 2 stables at the back of my house, and ive had the shetties in there and in the small patio area outside it. It was supposed to be for a week to 10 days whilst she sorted something out. Her partner doesnt want to talk about it, and i dont want to hassle him, but what the heck do i do with them?

The mare is brill. Fab lead rein, even had my little one on her, her feet are a bit overgrown but nothing major. The filly has not been very well handled, and needs a fair bit of handling and she is skittish and prone to turning her back legs on you.

I obviously cant sell them as they are not mine, but who in their right mind would loan out a half mad shetland youngster? I assume there would be more interest in the mare, but then id be stuck with the crazy one who doesnt seem to do very well when left on her own, but i just dont have the time to do anything with them, thats why my own horses are out on loan.

Sorrys this a ramble. Ideas mnetters?

OP posts:
Goingspare · 16/01/2011 17:03

Is there a horse rescue place anywhere near you that might take them in temporarily (hopefully)?

What a horrible thing to have happened to your friend, and a difficult situation for you.

WhyHavePets · 16/01/2011 17:11

Oh how terrible!

Could you try a local riding school or yard who may have a small bit of grazing that you could put them on until the situation becomes clearer? No suggestions for the foal really except that a riding school may allow their better youngsters to do a bit with her if they are at a loose end perhaps?

WhyHavePets · 16/01/2011 17:11

Whereabouts are you btw?

scatterbee · 16/01/2011 17:52

Hmmm never thought of rescues. Its worth a try, but suspect most (and i only know the RSPCA around here) would want them signing over and i cant do that.

Yards, again its worth a try and ill give some a bell tomorrow. But i know from when i was looking at loaning my mare out that any sort of part or full livery costs are well beyond my current budget, and i couldnt possibly do DIY, so its whether they will essentially loan them off me i suppose, even though i am not the owner of them!

Im so annoyed, and then feel so cross at myself for being annoyed! Its not like shes done it on purpose, and i suppose her OH has more important stuff on his mind, but im the one left holding the horses!!!!!

Im in Staffordshire.

OP posts:
WhyHavePets · 16/01/2011 18:02

Try these people they do a lot of work and may be able to help with a temporary foster - can't say for sure obviously but they are certainly worth a go.

Otherwise try googling local horse rescue. There will be one fairly local to you other than RSPCA who may be inclined to help.

LisaD1 · 16/01/2011 23:36

Scatterbea - I'm in Surrey with spare land and could take them to help out until your friend is able to decide for herself, I am not interested long term but happy to give them a home on a temp basis. I have my own horses and am happy to help out. I would of course cover their costs (feed/feet trimmed etc) whilst they were here but they would need to be insured/delivered/collected.

Let me know if it would help. May be too far away but happy to discuss if you think it may be an option?

Really hoping your friend makes a full recovery.

BeenBeta · 17/01/2011 00:11

scatterbee - I dont come in Tack Room much either but rode as a child. Apologies if you are an experienced horse owner but I thought I would post as we had a Shetland and he suffered terribly with Laminitis unless he was very very carefully managed. Here is a guide.

Being kept in doors on good food made his hooves very overgrown unless regularly trimmed.

I would call the RSPCA and especially if you are having any difficulty in keeping them in good condition and more especially if they get laminitis. It can causes severe pain and distress.

Apologies again if you have lots of horse experience. Its a long time since I owned a horse.

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