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Horses and the Internet

4 replies

slipperandpjsmum · 30/12/2010 20:20

Has anyone bought a horse via the internet? What are your thoughts on it? Do you spend alot of time on Horses for Sale sites?

OP posts:
LisaD1 · 30/12/2010 20:34

I found my horse on the internet, originally typed in "horse for loan" in my area and found her, can't remember name of site now. Loaned her for a year and then bought her, 5 years ago now.

My friend always buys/sells hers via H&H (she's an eventer) and also advertises locally to her.

Abbicob · 31/12/2010 13:23

I love window shopping on the internet and would arrange to view but never buy unseen. If I was not close I would get a friend to go view and then travel if they thought it was worth it.

Best sites I love to look at are Horsequest and the irish horse

slipperandpjsmum · 08/01/2011 22:34

bump . . .

OP posts:
Notrealname · 09/01/2011 16:19

Try the pony club website, alternatively the DC of your local branch may know of ponies which will be available either now or on the future. Local tack shops and feed merchants will have notice boards, don't rush into a purchase and take your instructor to view and try it for you.

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