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Can I really buy a mare called:

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olderyetwider · 19/11/2010 10:38


I'm going to see her on Monday, she sounds lovely, but can you imagine all the jokes we'll get on the yard?

Do you think horse name changes are wrong (thinking maybe Annie?)

OP posts:
marge2 · 19/11/2010 11:06

I knew a mare called Fanny. Bay, about 16.2, very nice but had bad back problems!! If you get to the vetting stage, check it out!

I don't personally like it when people change horses names.

Mine really knows her name. Looks round when I call her. ( Could just be her recognising my voice of course, but I like to think...) But Fanny to Annie would be OK.

PlanetEarth · 19/11/2010 11:15

I changed my horse's name, "Silver Buck" Confused. He was 4 and obviously hadn't had much attention (didn't know what treats were), so I guess he didn't know his name anyway [smiley].

marge2 · 19/11/2010 11:19

Haha at "Silver Buck" What did they call him for short? Buck? Not a great name for a horse - can see why you changed that one!

olderyetwider · 19/11/2010 11:27

Marge, definitely not the same mare, I'm far too wimpy for a 16.2!

Definitely too wimpy for a horse with 'Buck' for a name too!

OP posts:
marge2 · 19/11/2010 11:45

Mine actually never got named properly. From birth, she had only ever been called 'Baby'.

I bought her as a 3yo. and needed a name to call her by when lunging. She only knew Baby by then, so 'Baby' it was and still is.

She's 18 now Grin

PlanetEarth · 19/11/2010 17:42

Well last month my horse did buck me off... Shock. He was having a freaky week though, hasn't done it since Smile.

PlanetEarth · 19/11/2010 18:02

Just thought, I could have called "Silver Buck" "Silly" for short, couldn't I? That would have fitted...

mummydoc · 19/11/2010 21:20

i am sure it is ok to change names - noddy came from stud dispersal sale , the yard he had been sent to to be broken get out etc said his name was noddy but think they just thought that up on the spot

dontforgetthejoker · 19/11/2010 21:43

How about Fancy? Annie is good too. But Fanny - oh dear. Good luck anyway :)

Abbicob · 20/11/2010 12:57

My horse was 3 when I bought her and she was called wilma - Flintstones theme at the yard. I soon changed this to abbi. I think Annie is great

Rindercella · 20/11/2010 13:13

There is a school of thought which says it is unlucky to change a horse's name. When buying my beautiful horse many years ago, I decided to change his name from Biscuit as I thought it was dull (he was a 16.3hh bay roan, just stunning). He was thus always plagued with problems. Coincidence for sure, but I personally would never change a horse's name again.

However, I couldn't own a horse called Fanny either Grin

PlanetEarth · 20/11/2010 15:20

I rather like Biscuit (cute).

frostyfingers · 22/11/2010 11:47

What about in Francesca. We name changed from Pepsi to Poppy with no ill effects!

Callisto · 23/11/2010 08:16

I changed the name of one of my ponies when I was a teenager and she broke her leg and had to be put down within 18 months.

I would never change the name of a horse now, but I do think perhaps Fanny could have a pet name. All the horses at the yard where I ride have proper names and pet names.

horseymum · 23/11/2010 20:57

a friend allowed a dear old lady to name her foal and she asked if she could name it after an aunt - yes, Fanny it was and she was stuck with it! She did kind of suit it though!

ohnelly · 24/11/2010 20:02

Oh yes its bad luck apparently - try & shorten it. Fran? Short for Frances/Fanny

Pixel · 24/11/2010 22:02

You could say it's short for something else (Fantasy? Fandango? I don't know) and use that name in public. In secret At home she could still be Fanny, thereby warding off the bad luck. Wink

allgonebellyup · 29/11/2010 14:44

Cant you just call her "Franny" ??

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