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How long off work for bruised heels?

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NightFury · 25/10/2010 11:04

DMare has bruised her heel - I think she stood on a rock when we were out hacking although I didn't notice any lameness at the time so maybe it happened in the field. Her heel (hind leg) is red and angry looking but no sign of broken skin or infection. So far she's had 3 days slobbing around the field. As I said, she doesn't seem lame but I'd hate to cause her discomfort. How long would you give a horse off for a bad bruise?

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frostyfingers · 26/10/2010 09:13

Not sure how long she'd need off, but it may be worth cold hosing for a few days - is there any heat or swelling?

NightFury · 26/10/2010 09:26

There is a bit of heat and swelling. I have been cold housing but now it's minus 4 here so no housing allowed by the yard owner otherwise we get an ice rink! I won't ride yet but will walk her out in hand for a bit on soft going I think.

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