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What do you think about a Connemara? Could we share?

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olderyetwider · 23/10/2010 18:23

(Slight name change as back after a break, used to be Oldernowiser, but can't get back to old name)

GD is rapidly growing out of her first pony (13.3 welsh/arab so quite fine). She's tall for her age (11) but very skinny. She's come on masses since having Ben, done Senior Camp. competed at 70cm and working hunter this season and massively in love with him

DH has lovely Belgian Draught who I also ride. GS is part loaning 13hh native.

The plan is for GS to inherit Ben, who should last him several years, and get new 14.2 for GD. She can't go any bigger, or she'll be up a class and competing against adults/older teenagers, but given she doesn't weigh much I don't want her on anything too strong.

I'm 5'11 and 10.5 stone and don't really have time for a horse of my own as too busy with everyone elses, but would like to ride out with DH sometimes. (strictly happy hacker these days)

I'm thinking possibly a 14.2 Connemara for her, but do you think I'd be too big for one? I don't mind looking silly, as long as I'm not hurting the pony, or should I get something perfect for her, something cobby for me, and look for a sharer for mine when I get it?

What do you all think?

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Pixel · 23/10/2010 23:26

You are getting quite a herd Smile. Well IMO you wouldn't be too heavy for a connemara, and legwise you might be pleasantly surprised as native types do tend to 'take up' your leg so you don't look too long on them. I know lots of adults who ride ponies smaller than that and they certainly don't have any trouble carrying them. I weigh the same as you and I wouldn't think twice about getting on that sort of pony.

allgonebellyup · 24/10/2010 17:46

i think you have too much money!!! Envy

Butkin · 24/10/2010 18:27

DW is 5'8 and 9.4 stone but when she backed her connemara 3 years ago she was 10 stone. You may feel a little tall but certainly not
too heavy, especially for hacking. We see lots of heavier people riding connies in the show ring. They are really sturdy animals and, given your situation with GD I would suggest a connie would be the perfect animal. If you get a pure bred you can show them, do M&M working hunter, hunt them, endurance anything - they are a wonderfully adaptable (probably a reason why they are compartively expensive).

olderyetwider · 24/10/2010 19:17

Allgonebellyup, if only we did, we'd also get a lovely two horse lorry, instead of renting a trailer every time we want to go somewhere!

The herd of horses make us poor, but very happy Smile Ben was on loan, but we've now bought him (v cheap) as too much in love to return!

Nell (Belgian) has had soundness issues, but now really up for it and DH loves her!

Butkin, dead right that Connies are comparatively expensive, but I reckon with a Connie we could get one rather than two, which has to be cheaper.

GD also has long legs, so the 'taking up the leg' is one of the things I'm looking for, although she rides so short that Ben will last a bit longer! Then if we get a Connemara everyone can grow into their horses, and when we all want to ride out we can do for a bit, then eventually I might look for a share.

Thanks for agreeing with me (makes me feel like I know what I'm doing, which is nice change)

I really really fancy a Gypsy Vanner just for me though!!!!

OP posts:
Pixel · 24/10/2010 20:04

You can have mine (gypsy cob), he was a total git today. Wink

flowerpotwoman · 25/10/2010 14:26

Olderyetwider: I bought a 14.1hh Connemara a couple of months ago for my DD (aged 12). We both ride her and it's working brilliantly. Connies are very versatile and sturdy. Enjoy?

olderyetwider · 25/10/2010 19:56

Connie it is then! I hope we can get one who's not grey as 1) it ideally needs to live out and I'm not sure I could keep one clean and b) (more serious) I've got nagging fears about melanomas.

I'd be looking for something btween 9 and 11 years old, and I'm well known for worrying myself to death over nothing. Am I being a bit daft, or should I look for a dark colour?

Pixel, I get scared easily so you'll have to keep him (bet he was an angel today!)

Can't justify horse just for me as no time realy, just love the Gypsies on our yard.

OP posts:
Butkin · 25/10/2010 21:32

Our pure bred connie is palomino! Unfortunately most connies you'll look at will be grey but there are some other colours out there. Trouble with bays are they can look like New Forests!

olderyetwider · 28/10/2010 14:20

Bit of a change of plan, am going to get a horse for me after all, as me and GD want very different things, and I want us all to be able to ride together. I'm going to look at an Apaloosa tomorrow, (my birhday!! what a lovely birthday treat) just for me! (By the way, he's a grey!)

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