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hifi · 13/10/2010 12:04

dn helps with some horses 3 times a week,other than clothing any horsey gift ideas?

OP posts:
HeadingHome · 13/10/2010 12:09

A horse?

Sorry - couldn't help myself... it was the only thing that calmed me down when I was small. :) I am HOPING my children will not be interested. They are SO expensive :(

HeadingHome · 13/10/2010 12:10

Is there any Saddle Club - style books still around?

coatgate · 13/10/2010 12:12

There are horsey games for Ninetedos and PCs.

I know you don't want clothing, but thick socks are always a good idea at this time of year.

Pony books are great, the Jill Books by Ruby Ferguson are being reprinted I believe.

Check out Robinsons and Derby House Websites for other ideas.

ragged · 13/10/2010 12:29

Pony Mag subscription - but do you really want to feed her obsession?

DD loves Tilly's Tales. We also got her a horse-themed card-making kit.

Charm bracelet (plan for 9yo DD's stocking). But watch out, that can cost a fortune, we will get a cheapo version. DD wants some nice horsey posters for her walls, too.

BlueChampagne · 13/10/2010 13:13

John Lewis have some horsey pyjamas I couldn't help but notice yesterday. As in pyjamas with horses, rosettes etc on them, rather than being riding clothes.

Otherwise books - have just bought "My Friend Flicka" and "The Silver Brumby" for a friend's daughter.

hifi · 13/10/2010 13:16

ooh thanks everyone,loads of ideas.dont think her mum would appreciate a real life horse Smile

OP posts:
keepeverybodyhappy · 13/10/2010 15:06

My DD (8) got the playmobil stables for her birthday and loves it!

colditz · 13/10/2010 15:10

Unless it's a horse, she is going to be disappointed.

Butkin · 13/10/2010 22:30

DD (nearly 8) would love books from the Pony Club Secrets range (try to buy them in correct order) or subscription to Pony magazine. Breyer horses and gear also popular or Saddle Club DVD.

Given that DN helps out with horses maybe her own grooming kit?

hifi · 14/10/2010 10:18

thanks everyone,just done a book order,grooming kit sounds good.

OP posts:
BlueChampagne · 14/10/2010 15:32

Every horse-mad little girl should have a copy of "Black Beauty".

Butkin · 14/10/2010 20:56

I read Black Beauty when I was young and didn't like it at all. A bit old fashioned and with quite a bit of sadness and cruelty.

I agree its a classic but I wouldn't want DD reading the original at that age.

LauraNorder · 14/10/2010 20:58

A new silk for her hat - DD has only just got a new hat and already wants a new silk for Xmas Hmm - does that count as clothing?

InThisSequinBraYesYouOlaJordan · 14/10/2010 21:36

In I noticed horse name plates for doors that looked nice yesterday £19.50, personalised.

shonho · 15/10/2010 14:41

horsey gifts are a nigtmare - started using and they have non clothing gifts - I bought a "horses with attitude" watch and bag which my girls seem happy with...

meltedmarsbars · 15/10/2010 20:07

Saddle Club DVD's

Pony-in-my-pockets so she need never be without

Pony duvet cover so she can dream too.

Anything from Breyer.

Enough suggestions?

LoopyLoupGarou · 15/10/2010 20:13
hifi · 15/10/2010 20:21

its another world out there,sooo many horsey things.thanks so much.

OP posts:
Butkin · 15/10/2010 20:35

This is probably the best known site for horsey gift buying - lots to choose from under "Your Home".

SkippyjonJones · 15/10/2010 20:39
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